Justification of a Poor Man

Seems life has more to offer now.
	More people
        have had destinations abroad 
        that may never have been seen,
		Even on TV.
Things must be good. 
	Food is expensive,
		I eat a poor diet,
			But occasionally 
                        I live like a king.
Seems now I live outside of the shower,
	Unable to wash the dirt away.
		Seems clear. 
Rain will carry them away.
	The scoundrels
        will never stay back.
	        Always they seem underfoot.
			You can count 
                        on them 
                        to be back.
		They will never stop 
                hurting like in the past.
			Always forward 
                        is what they forget.
Never forget their sorrows.
	Look forward to the day we stop.
		Stop killing.
			Stop deciding 
                        who shall pass.
	Barbed wire,
		Scorned ideals.
			Morally insensitive and vain!
        Idealists and leaders; 
        All the same!
	        Once there is freedom, 
                perhaps we can stand our ground.
		        If only through letters,
	Letters of the found.
		Found in life
                not in death
                is where we all stand.
Forever forward, 
        never looking back.
		Death and chaos 
                will be reined in. 
			There and then 
                        we all shall gain 
                        what was decided
				And split it 
                                again and again.
			Equally and unprocessed 
                        the land shall remain free.
	Mankind just squats 
        here and now 
        we should jest. 
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