Writing Poetry

Many things make up a poem, but the basic is the word. Even one syllable can have meaning: Ant, Aunt, Go, Stop… Etc. Use words to service the moment, not the poem to service the words. We can make each line up of as many words as you want, or as few as you want. The lines formed are what the reader draws upon to determine the meaning of the poem. The next unit of a poem is the line, or a combination of words that expand and explain the idea. Through the use of line breaks to juxtapose the words irregularly, you may look like a stuttering idiot or a genius.

There are many more things that the budding poet must concern themselves with as they develop their form, but the word is the smallest and the greatest stumbling block to a poet. Rhyme? Don’t Rhyme? To line break or not to line break, that is the question. There are several techniques used to write an effective poem, and this article will cover them one by one in a sequential and easy-to-understand format. The main parts of a poem are:

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