October 20th, 2020

Time is linear most of the time, even if clock hands go in circles. A sine wave is created as a circle translates and rotates. A math teacher of mine once demonstrated this with a garbage can and a piece of chalk… He literally rolled the can across the blackboard and showed us. I think sometimes that there are more times I’d rather go circular… Like Superman flying around the globe. He can make the world appear to go backwards in such a matter of doing, and turn time backwards to undo something. If I could accomplish this, I would because it would mean the difference between life and death.

My parents would still be here and I would not be alone… Alone in thoughts at least… I still had my family around me, or most of it. My nephew and niece were at school and I sat here with a bottle of whiskey listening to a Doors song play… Ship of Fools. I could now relate, just not translate. Or was I managing to turn back the clocks of time? The drunker I got, the bolder I got, and I thought those assholes would pay… I’d catch up to them when the law failed. They would face their fate… Their comeuppance. I would exact the toll to the gate they skipped.

I’d get them, but how? Why was evident… Where could be negotiated.. Dictated even? When was much like where… I could choose… Ball’s in your court sir… Take a stab at it or go home. Stab? Naw, too messy… Not that how… maybe blunt force. I used to hit homers when I was a kid… A lot of them… a bat? Naw… Yeah, that’s it… A gun. I could use one but where would I get one… Where could I find a gun at three-thirty in the afternoon? I’d like to shoot those bastards right in the eye. Maybe through the hearts.. If they had them.

I didn’t think so… That would be too easy… Too right to do. The mechanics of the universe simply didn’t allow it… Nope…Not at all. The universe spun in one direction only…It didn’t do both ways… More take than give but I was used to the give of take and death stole more then she needed this time. My parents were gone. That I couldn’t change even if I could fly around the Earth… Besides Superman wasn’t real was he? Where was Peter Parker when my mom and dad needed him? Oh yeah, he let his Uncle die… He let that guy go and he later killed his Uncle in an attempted carjacking. Batman? Screw it… A GUN.

Bang. Bang. Bang. All the ducks lined up in a row… Neat little packages sent to the coroner… Lots of hurt though.. Maybe shoot them in the guts. I took a sip of Five Star and then thought some more about death and the killing in cold blood my parents had endured… I visualize it often.. Too often. I see them at the counter greeting those bastards… They would have rolled right in and demanded the cash… All of it! Now! My parents would have complied and given it to them, all of it… It was only money to them… Purchasing power but not worth a human life.

They died knowing they would die… Knowing that they would lay in twin pools of blood… blood soaking their socks and turning their pants bright red. At least they were happy and prepared… very prepared. They said they knew for a long time now… And there was that whole appearance of the Christ thing in the backroom. He came calling like an old stranger… A friend who just got back from a trip. He TOLD THEM THEY WOULD DIE… Another shot of whiskey… Screw it ANOTHER!!!

Published by Robert LT Jonasson

I have one novel being edited, 5 more flushed out, 56 short stories, and 530 poems. Please take the time to explore jonassonenigmaticnirvana.com and get to know me through my writing.

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