Tigger’s Bad Day

Hello! My name is Tigger and I’m a cat. I’m not lazy, just a little large because I had to take medicine that made me that way. I like my owner, he looks out for me, just like I like. Once in a while he has to get mad at others for the way they act and I get even for him…

One day while I was outside digging through a sandbox looking for mouse trails I found a silver dollar. I wanted to take it home to Robert, but I couldn’t find a way to pick it up. That was the first time I noticed my lack of abilities. I made a wish to the Voodoo Goddess Marinette to give me hands. Boy was I surprised to have her materialize in front of me, right out of thin air.

“Tigger, I know what it is that you wish for more than anything,. I want to strike a deal with you.” said Marinette.

A deal?

“Yes, Tigger a deal. I will give you human traits and abilities if you do me favors from time to time.”

What kind of favors?

“Oh you know, the usual, running errands for me, a little spying, checking up on the damned, stuff like that. It’s really a good deal, you’ll get the ability to use hands… Human hands, you’ll get to fly around as a bat, you will be able to talk human languages, and you can even live your secret dream of being able to cook for your human.”

Can I think about it? I’m not sure yet… Maybe tomorrow?

“Sure thing, take your time thinking I’ll meet you here tomorrow at the same time.”

Alright! See you then.

Coin forgotten I headed out and started back home thinking of the deal that Marinette offered me. I thought that it would be great to have human powers, I could do things for people that other cats couldn’t, but on the other hand I may be thought of as a freak by the other cats. I may be exiled, or outcast, worse yet I could lose my mate. I came to a fence and looked for the loose board that I always went through to cut through the neighbour’s yard. As I crawled half way under the loose board, I noticed that there were two unfamiliar male cats roaming the yard. One noticed me and came over.

Well, well, well, look what we found! said the first.

Yeah, stop for a second, let us check you out. said the second.

Why? What you guys want with me? asked Tigger sensing hostility.

You know… The usual. You gotta pay toll before going through… We own this yard. said the second.

We just wanna check you out. You smell like you’re in heat.!!! exclaimed the first cat.

NOT INTERESTED!!! I ALREADY HAVE A FRIEND! stated Tigger rather harshly detecting their rather strong intrest.

I think you’ll need to pay your way through here… Like a toll. said the first cat.

The first cat closed in on Tigger who suddenly arched her back and hissed, showing teeth. She was determined to show that she wasn’t afraid of them eventhough secretly she doidn’t want to fight.

I bet you want to pay up! said the second.


Common! Pay us and we’ll let you go. said the first.

What do you want?

We will take anything… On second thought…

The first cat lunged at me and clawed maddly. I hissed again and reared up clawing with both paws. The second circled behind and bit at my back. I wheeled around and scratched once more, this time landing a blow and getting a claw full of hair in reward. I turned and looked for an opening. The only place I could think of was Prince’s backyard and that was good most of the time.

Prince was a senior hound dog who once and a while forgot I was a friend and treedme. He would take a while to come around but he would always appologize and let me down. I figured it was worth the risk and made a break for the opening. I crossed the ten yards to the fence line in about two seconds and didn’t look back. I made it through before they caught up to me.

HELP!!!! I cried out as I seen Prince.

Woof! Woof! Woof! barked the startled dog.

The dog sprang up from his rest and came to his friend’s defence.I ran right to him knowing he was having a good day and hid behind him.

GROWL! You leave her alone!

Hey we didn’t mean much! said the first cat.

Yeah they did… They started a scrap with me!

Get! Before I bark loud enough to get the humans interest. He’ll get a garden hose.

We didn’t mean nothing by it! said the first cat.

Yeah, we was just playing. said the second cat.

They drew closer sensing that the old hound wouldn’t fight… Closer… Closer… Closer still.


“What in the blazes is going on out here?” said the man as he jerked open the door.

We’ll we’ll… Your human to the rescue! Hissed the first cat.

Well, ummmm… Catch up later. hissed the second as he ran off.

The first cat was more reluctant and approached the dog with caution.

You just an old codger! I can take you all alone.


Get lost! hissed Tigger. showing her nail… The one nail… The only nail… The nail of fury!

The man ran down the porch steps and grabbed at the coiled hose on the ground. He quickly turned on the water and aimed the nozzle at the advancing cat. He pulled the trigger and let the water fly. In seconds the cat was drenched and running away.

“There you got the point you mange filled rodent! Now maybe you’ll leave Prince and his friend alone.” said the man mater-of-factually.

When the cats fled, I coyly approached the human to thank him. As I approached he bent over and extended his hand.

“Why hello there, I’ve never seen you around before I see your known by Prince there. Where do you live?” inquired the man as he looked for a tag.

Ain’t gonna find one!

He can’t here? you. said Prince.

Really? I pity you. My owner talks in my head, and out loud!

Im alright, he does good by me anyhow.

Yeah, I bet… You’re always content here when I visit.

I approached further and sniffed at the outstretched hand..I felt comforted.. TUNA!!!! The smell was wonderful! I was hungry, purred, and without warning nuzzled his hand to get the tuna scent on my muzzle.

“Oh, your such a nice kitty! I think I’ll leave you and Prince… I’m gonna miss Double Jeopardy!” said the man as he turned and went back inside.

Thanks for the protection.

No problem… Please just remember that I’m here for you… I’ll defend a friend like you all the time.

Well, I’m gonna wander home now… Thanks again.

I started for the friendly neighbour fence on the driveway side of the human’s yard and felt good again knowing that my friend was alright and thanking the lucky stars that I had been okay too. She disappeared through the fence and up the driveway thinking that I had a bad day with a good ending but realized that I had probably not seen the last of those two cats.

Published by Robert LT Jonasson

I have one novel being edited, 5 more flushed out, 56 short stories, and 530 poems. Please take the time to explore jonassonenigmaticnirvana.com and get to know me through my writing.

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