October 23, 2020

Today I found out that there is a need to fulfill more of the Christ’s prophecy… I must murder. Yeah, I know… The Christ condoning killing. The police have let me down for the last time. I will strike at them myself. I’ve decided to shoot them… Firing Squad style… LOL. The three of them got away with it Scott free… Not sure what that means but Thomas Scott died by firing squad… So I guess they can get away Scott free… HAHAHAHAHA.

Feel like shit though, I wanted to be an engineer… A robotics guy. I wanted to build DATA… C3PO… R2D2… Some other shit, but that’s all toilet flushings now. THEY ARE GONNA PAY! I’m gonna kill them. Still I wonder what they do? Where they hang out? Not just to get to them and kill them, but in general. What makes them humans? What makes them tick?Maybe if I can see their humanity I can convince myself not to… Um… Kill them… Even they must have had innocence once.

I don’t know who will miss them… How their parents tried to raise them… Who their friends are, or I mean were. Will they be missed at a church? I doubt it… They don’t seem to be church types to me. Maybe the local assholes will laugh and say they got what they deserved… A couple will say they seen it coming. I bet they have few friends… Few acquaintances… Few gifts in life. They are a dying breed really!!! LOL.

Not all humans are capable of taking lives… Soldiers… Cops… Spies… Madman? Am I a madman? Does revenge killing make me a terrible person? I guess so, but the police can’t expect me to wait any longer… They let ME DOWN! THEY LET ME DOWN TODAY!!!!! And now they must pay… Jesus told me this would happen… Gotta believe the Christ. Still KILLING??? Yeah… Madman, or rather Mad Man… LOL.

I guess I’ll have to get a gun… WHERE? Russ is back in the can. James? He might get it for me. Maybe I can go to that hotel I met him at…The Northern… Might meet someone there? Maybe… Maybe not. I know it sounds far fetched but I can see there will be a need to find one… A small gun… Concealable. Not to sure of what’s available… Not a noisy one… Not an automatic or a machine pistol… Not an assault rifle… Just a gun… A little persuasion, so they say, goes a long ways. Maybe a nine millimetre… Like in the movies.

Anyway, I wonder what killing will be like? I feel sorry for them. They are young… They still have lots of life left… Potential that will be wasted anyway… BAH! They killed my parents and got away with it. They can screw themselves. They are as good as dead… But still??? Kill??? Kill??? Kill??? Yeah… I’m blabbering… Blabber… Blabber… Blabber… Let it out… Let out the aggression… Just don’t fuck it up… Don’t get caught.

Bad enough that I had a fight with them… The police had another chance to arrest them and let them go uncharged… Now they can’t find witnesses… BAH! FUCK THEM!!! I’ll be judge, jury and executioner! I’ll hang ‘em high and wear the black cloth bag over my head like the executioners of jolly old England. When the strike of noon hits I’ll kill them by pulling the lever at my side and releasing the platform from under their feet.

Published by Robert LT Jonasson

I have one novel being edited, 5 more flushed out, 56 short stories, and 530 poems. Please take the time to explore jonassonenigmaticnirvana.com and get to know me through my writing.

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