The Many Talents

One of Jeusus’ sermons was aimed at servants gaining prestige in the form of talents. One servant was given one talent and promptly buried it in the sand for fear of it being lost or stolen. He thought this a wise choice because he was told explicitly that it should not go to waste and he only had the one given to him. He had feared reprisal for it being lost, but when the master came to collect he safely returned it in the state it was bestowed… Singular. He did not invest it… He did not mature it… He did not seek growth from it.

Another servant was given three talents and went out gambling… He lost them all… ALL OF THEM trying to make short term gains. When the master came to collect he was at least honest, but still… HE LOST THEM ALL. He was scolded and told he was an idiot, but was given note for his honesty. He realized he could have invested them wisely like the one who was given five talents… They were invested in different ventures and he came back with seven talents.

One of the servants was bestowed seven talents due to his stature. He did the best out of all of them as he matured them slowly and made the most of them… He used them to the fullest and when asked for his return he replied that he now had twelve talents due to smart investing… This fortune was not due to the number he had been given but to the strategy he used to mature his new wealth.

I feel like the man who had been given seven talents… The faithful servant who returned with more then he had been given due to his wise decisions. I have been bestowed many talents in life regardless of the belief of others.

One: I am talented with computers and electronics in general… I have worked this talent for the last few years and have built up websites that are set to mature… They are diverse in nature and devoted to my other talents… They showcase them.

Two: I have developed my love of poetry and it is also set to be cashed in on at the drop of a hat… Once in our city there was a man who was down on his luck and he happened to write poetry. He grabbed a lawn chair and taped a sign to it: Poems $15, written on the spot for you… He happened to meet a man who helped him garner a publishing contract for his work and he did alright in the business. Like I said I have a website… Talent #1. It’s only a matter of time before my name has meaning all to its own… All the blessings that have been bestowed will lead to my redemption in the eyes of humanity. Nothing is more human then a love of poetry.

Three: I have developed short stories to the brink of penmanship… I may not be a graduate from Laussanne’s English program, or Berkley, or Harvard, Oxford, or even Cambridge, but I own a Norton’s Anthology and the ghosts that the pictures carry… Pictures of the Authors… They teach just like I was in class… Better in fact. I feel like my time is just around the corner and feeling good about my chances of success I have entered several Short Story Contests most of which I cannot afford the $25 a pop for… But borrow from Paul to pay Peter is the attitude.

Four: I have turned the craft of short story telling into longer works of fiction… The Novel. I have five on the go, and am currently polishing one for what I hope (*Crosses Fingers*) will be a substantial chance at a publishing contract. I am on the Nth draft and will soon edit with my new favourite software: ProWritingAid…. LOL: A DON’T DO DO because it costs $70 a year and corrects grammar for ALL types of writing including creative. The reports are well worth the effort of running to see where you rank in against thousands of other users in key rankings areas… Passive tense, use of adjectives, sentence length, transitions, misused words, repeat sentence starts and so much more… Professional editors will pick nothing apart that this program spits out when applied appropriately.

Five: Photography. Point and shoot… Click! I developed a taste for fine photography while in Kananaskis Country, Alberta during a better part of my life, where I used the Sixth talent… Money. I invested fairly well in buying a Canon Rebel XTi digital camera, 75mm telephoto lens, a monopod and later acquired a homemade tripod made by my love of the seventh talent strong family. I have hundreds of head shots of various animals and nature shots of the mountain ranges that I have developed into a great store for sale as stock photos of the future on my Jonasson Enigmatic Nirvana Website. I still have many shots to take and will never be done…. EVER.

Six: Money is a blessing anytime it comes your way and I was raised by my parents to treat it as such… Scrimping and saving is not unheard of when I must get things done… Borrow Peter (mother) pay Paul (Writer Magazine contest entrance costs)… LOL. I don’t mean I’ll save unjustly… just when there is a need… Sacrifice can be made…. Not buying Marijuanna even with legal medical ticket… Not buying tobacco/vape juice when not afford, although odd jobs pay the times… Earn tobacco from neighbours going to store one cigarette at a time… One pinch at a time. I live month to month, but have invested in life wisely buy buying into deals for stuff as it presents itself. I went without TV for 6 months till Shaw put out a deal… $85 for Internet 300 and 115 TV channels… Added Crave and HBO during $20 deal. Spend on food at home more then I’d like but still get the odd Skip the Dishes. Bake own bread and sweets cheaper then store bought… Eat quite well when learn to cook for self…. Homemade tortilla pizza thin crust like Gondola… for $5 a pop. buy bulk when take Mom and Dad to Costco… Sorry they drive and I carry! 🙂

Seven: Strong Family Values. I was bestowed with this talent since childhood… Great parents, great family and sense of pride…. Uncles… Aunts… Cousins…. All of them… Take the good with the BAD. More good then bad equals a great life of learning…. Family gatherings… Weddings… Funerals…. Family…. Family… Family. Parents read to me… Taught me ABCs and 123s… Couldn’t have learned talents Two, Three, and Four without them…. Family gave cameras a chance… Talent Five. Talent One: Parents bought first computer in home… Apple IIe clone… Complete with encouragement… Then allowed Internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The circle of life is complete! THANK YOU FAMILY!

Like I said I have invested well with the talents bestowed upon me… As wisely as the good servant of the vineyard and when my master comes back she’ll find me diligently tending to her crop, which has multiplied even though there is the occasional loss.

Published by Robert LT Jonasson

I have one novel being edited, 5 more flushed out, 56 short stories, and 530 poems. Please take the time to explore and get to know me through my writing.

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