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I have had my interest rekindled in World Wrestling Entertainment through the drama surrounding Randy Orton, Alexa Bliss, and the Fiend. I started watching WWE Raw a year ago when my friends moved in down the hall and the lady talked about wrestling with me. Since the fight between John Cena and the Fiend – Ironically I short taped the WrestleMania broadcast and didn’t see the fight – I have become an Uber fan again and watch SmackDown, NXT, and have the WWE channel.

I really enjoy watching the stars shine every week and look forward to the stories that unfold as they seem personal and not just going to script. Stories like Randy Orton being haunted by Alexa since Randy burned the Fiend to a crisp, the drama surrounding Shamus and McIntyre, and the whole drama leading up to the Miz VS Lashley title fight via lumberjack match.

Such drama is nice to see and smattering it with world class wrestling is entertaining. All the wrestlers come out every week to do their best in the ring. I for one appreciate this to a great extent. I like many pull for either side in a few matches, but have not got preference most times as I stay neutral and just enjoy the moves. The more I watch and listen to the athletes, the more I feel a growing connection to them. I feel their pains; I feel their sorrows; I feel heartbreaks.

When you get down to it, wrestling has been a big part of my life for a long time. I don’t really know what caused my hiatus from watching, but when I was a kid, I remember watching every Sunday night. It was before Raw, before NXT, and before SmackDown. I would join the likes of Junkyard Dog, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Hillbilly Jim, Macho Man Randy Savage, George the Animal, The Iron Sheik, and of course Mad Dog Vachon. They would entertain me along with Mean Gene.

They carry the whole of the WWE on the backs of these genuine athletes who give their all every episode to keep the fans on the edge of their seats. It’s a cult following that has given them so much success, and they have a strong reputation for what they do. The WWE can include me as an ultimate fan these days because of the action that takes place in and around the ring every show I watch.

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2 thoughts on “WWE and Sports Entertainment

  1. This is a great post. I watch WWE weekly and I tend to agree with you, I appreciate what the members of the roster do. They work hard to unfold these stories, even with their scripts. Watching them perform is entertaining. The Orton/Bliss/Fiend feud is one of the best storylines going right now. Thanks for sharing your insight on this. I look forward to reading more from you!

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    1. Sorry for the delay in response to your comment. I’ve been stir crazy with a friend and his son who hav been staying with me in my bachelor’s pad for two months now. I can’t wait till Backlash.


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