In Toronto

I was the most fortunate in Sudbury. First off I was allowed cot and a sandwich in the shelter three nights in a row before being offered a one way bus ticket to Toronto from Sudbury. I jumped at the chance for the 8hr ride, with transfer at North Bay.

I was dropped off in the middle of the city at Union Station where I was overcome by the sheer size of the two story building. There were berths on both floors for buses to park in and a ramp big enough for buses to drive up to the second floor. After getting my luggage I headed outside to check out the city.

I sat in front of the building, too late for a shelter, tired, and smoking. I thought to myself: “What should I do now?” I know almost nobody here and three Winnipegs could easily fit inside it’s borders. With 2.93 million perfect strangers to befriend I set to work looking for shelter.

I wandered the streets looking around for landmarks, stores, restaurants, and found plenty within a 10 min radius. I found a 24 hour Subway, a Tim’s, a lounge, and hotel in the vicinity of a park where I hang out. Still no permanent housing insight.

In my hasty retreat from mental anguish, I forgot my charging cord and had to buy one. I eventually traded five smokes for the USB-AC adapter and purchased a three foot cord… Job well done!!

Published by Robert LT Jonasson

I have one novel being edited, 5 more flushed out, 56 short stories, and 530 poems. Please take the time to explore and get to know me through my writing.

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