Building a Business

Ever wonder if you could go into business for yourself? Sell your idea… Market it to the masses and make millions? Start a roadside stand to sell farm fresh potatoes? Sell grilled cheese sandwiches out a window on a truck? With proper planning, investment, and marketing you could see your idea through to reality.

Starting a business is a daunting task and can be successful from the start if you approach the situation smartly. Using key entrepreneurial skills in any type of startup will guarantee not only success, but a solid reputation and customer loyalty. You will build a brand that will become known even if it is only for a niche market (Think selling specialty dinguses).

Think of all the different business opportunities out there, conventional and unconventional. They all reduce to one thing, selling goods and/or services to a consumer. The consumer must have a need for your product before they will seek your business. There are many types of business but that doesn’t mean they ALL deliver the same goods/services in the same way. For example, look at banks. All offer savings, chequing, and investment accounts but not all offer the same interest for the same type of account.

Below are examples of businesses:

  • Store fronts:
    • Convenience Store
    • Grocery Store
    • Clothing Store
    • Book Shop
    • Gas Station
    • Automotive Garage
  • Online Shops:
    • T-shirt printing
    • eBook dealer
    • Astrology/Tarot reading
    • Online College
    • Streaming Music/Movies
    • Discount Warehouse

Think of all the ways you can have a convenience store. You should find the possibilities limitless in breadth. Go into a few different stores in your neighbourhood. I guarantee you will find more diversity than similarity. The bigger stores will be cheaper because of volume, the smaller stores (Mom and Pop type places) will thrive with regulars, most will sell cigarettes, all of them will have unique products that you will NOT find at the other places. Bread is bread, right? Not really!

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