Education can take place in many forms. Not only do Wharton Business School graduates see success, so the self-educated hard workers. With the cost of a university education skyrocketing, it may be best to seek a cheap alternative and plenty exist. Not to knock the business schools, as they are thorough, intense, and often tie themselves to practical experience.

There are online schools like Coursera that offer free-to-cheaply priced courses for a whole range of things and entrepreneurial skills is one of them. Another great repository of free classes is OPEN Culture that offers thousands of great courses.

In order for the budding entrepreneur to succeed, a well-rounded education would have to include courses in management, marketing, finance, and various aspects of technology like Word-processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Email, Search Engine Optimization, and knowledge of various social media platforms. The more generalized an education you can achieve will mean the more diversity you can bring to your company.

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