Electronic Journal

Many experts argue against keeping electronic journals, as the handwriting versions can convey more information to a therapist or spawn more self-awareness through handwriting analysis, but if you imprint your electronic version with emotion and feelings, they can be just as successful. Think like an author or a poet who conveys emotion through their words by imprinting spiritual traces. You hallucinate when you read a novel or poem, right?

We can even combine the traditional forms of handwritten journals through the use of Optical Character Recognition (ORC) technology that most word-processing programs are capable of. There is the added benefit of Speech-to-Text, where even physically disabled individuals can journal. My smartphone has a microphone with built in software capable of taking text memos that can be exported to many softwares like EverNote, OneNote, ect. Gone are the days of transcription from tape recorders.

As a bonus, there are many software packages available to keep journals and not all cost money. It can be as simple as Wordpad, or as complicated as using templates through Microsoft Word that allow preformated entries, Here are a few of them:

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