Cellphone/Tablet Apps

Here is a running list of Apps for cellphones or tablets that you may find useful. Not all are day-to-day journals, but this is a good look at what’s out there for use as smartphone/tablet journaling platforms.


A daily gratitude style journal with passcode that allows attaching of pictures. You can set multiple reminders for each day to write what your grateful for. Features vision boards that allow you to envision life as you want it.

Day One Journal

Features attachment of audio, video, pictures, and text to compose journal entries. Features an On This Day function to review memories from your past entries. For iOS only.


Add video and photos to your entries plus tag people, places, and events to easier retrieve entries. Add day, week, month, and year summaries to review at a later date. Passcode/TouchID enabled.

Grid Diary

Not just another diary! Features writing prompts that help to focus you on you!

Five Minute Journal

The perfect tool for those just setting out on a journaling voyage. Capture moments one photo at a time and use writing prompts to focus your mornings and evenings.

1 Second Everyday

Imagine a collection of life’s moments in video!

Bullet Journal

The Bullet Journal method as an app.


A travel journal that allows you to plan, track, and relive your adventures.


A food journal to keep track of special meals, photos included.


A baby journal enacted through text messages and printed, bound and delivered to your family’s hands.

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