Having all the right equipment at hand when you go on a shoot is paramount to getting the shots you want. Remember, if you don’t bring it, you can’t use it. Plan your shoots and take what you think you’ll need with you. Here is a small overview of what is available for the field:


The camera you choose will limit what abilities you have, but you don’t always need a top of the line SLR to take quality photos in every setting.

  • Smartphone
    • compact
    • comes with the phone
    • good quality photos
  • Point and Shoot
    • More settings for light exposure
    • Still simple to use
  • SLR
    • Interchangeable lenses
    • More megapixels
    • Very versatile


If you choose an SLR, you will want an assortment of lenses to use under differing circumstances:

  • Normal
    • wider focus
    • like lens on point and shoot
    • good depth
    • 24-70 mm
      • The ‘One Lens’ used for all occasions
    • 35-50 mm
      • Natural shooting without gimmicks
      • Portraits
  • Telephoto
    • sports
    • wildlife
    • narrow focus
    • blurry background
    • 70-200 mm
      • pretty standard
      • versitile
  • Wide Angle
    • background fades out
    • subject important
    • 28 mm on average
  • Macro
    • A zoom lens for small subjects
    • use tripod/monopod to avoid blur


If you use long telephoto lenses, they will be heavy. If you use macro lenses, or do long exposures, your photos will blur if shaken. You really need help to hold your camera:

  • Tripod
    • three-legged apparatus meant to support the weight of lens and camera body
    • make sure it is sturdy and lightweight
    • use for long exposure shots with a cable release
  • Monopod
    • One-legged
    • Lighter than tripod to carry
    • not as stable

Carrying it All

Whatever you choose to take with you must be carried, and what you choose to carry it all in can make a difference:

  • Backpack
    • Padded multi-compartment is best
    • can carry laptop too
  • Camera Bag
    • Padding provides ‘shock’ protection
    • Get one with movable dividers
    • Can come with shoulder strap / belt strap
  • Photo Vest
    • Multiple zippered/velcroed compartments
    • even distribution of weight
    • deep pockets for big lenses

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