Framing your picture does not mean the wooden frame around it, such as a portrait, would bear. It refers to the four sides of the photo that define the context of its boundaries. What you see is ‘framed’ by the sides of the photograph, and what you don’t see is unobservable and invisible. Remember to look and envision your photos before shooting. Think of how the photo will look and then look through the viewfinder.

The viewfinder is pretty much your boundaries when taking a photograph. What you see is what you get most of the time. While you cannot change your viewfinder’s size, the lens you use will redefine the apparent size of the viewfinder… Wide-angle…. Telephoto…. Even a 24-50mm. If you are using a fixed lens, try physically moving closer or further away from your subject. Remember the rule of thirds and frame within your photo as well.

You can also frame with elements within your photograph. Use doorways to frame a subject within a photo to highlight them and isolate them from the rest of the photo. Windows are also a good way to frame a subject when you take the photo from the other side. Use ladders, feces, rainbows, arches.

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