Devil’s Inferno

The Devil has many names, many disguises, many faces, many places of origin. Where he hails from is where he’s not, but still he hangs around. He likes to see what truth lies in the hearts of men, but still he cannot make sense to many. If they found out about his game, they would go bury their heads in the quicksand. He knows all your sins and will take his pound of flesh, selling you short every time.

Current Devil’s Inferno Posts

Meet the Devil

Please allow me to introduce myself… Won’t you guess my name? I’ve been around since Jesus Christ wore the thorny crown of shame. I’m a leader of men and a man of little blame. I’ve hobnobbed with celebrities… Yes, Ed Eisner still counts… Yes, Johnny Carson still counts. Sorry Jay Leno, but you’re not myContinue reading “Meet the Devil”

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