High School Confidential

High School Confidential is about a school newspaper team that covers local events, and ongoings in the school they all go to, John Wilks Senior Academy. Brad the Sports Reporter, Tina the Social Page debutante, Janett the Roving Reporter, Jim the photographer, and Tom the Editor make up the clique. Together they maintain the daily affairs of the weekly print E-paper The RagTag Gazette. The team collectively has won a scholastic Award of Journalistic Merit awarded by the local School Board three years in a row. This being the last year of school for all five of them, they decide to go for the big prize, The Journalistic Maximus.

Awarded to the top school paper in the city every year, it has been elusive to the crew for the last seven years. The last time the RagTag won the prize was in 2013, when they were still in grade six. The award sits in the awards case near the school’s main entrance. Coveted by the school’s Principle Mrs. Farigliano, she mentions it to the team every time she wanders near enough to their E-papers offices.

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