La Grange Chronicles

Welcome to La Grange, a last stop for the wicked, not a place for the feint of heart. A place where two families collude to do Christians justice, where justice has failed to prevail. The town that always exists, out of time, an anachronism, timeless for those who arrive. Those who end up here are likely to take the lessons they learn to heart and remember those that they met.

Meet the Wilkersons and the Jacksons, they run the town right out of the 40s… A place that makes Twilight Zone a reality, a place where magic exists to appease the people, the common folk who have been greatly wronged. The Wilkersons uphold the side of light and condemn those who arrive from the darkness to be punished for their doings. The Jacksons who do favours for the darkness and condemn the light… Yeah, the light screws us around too.

Current La Grange Chronicles Posts

New Identity

In this the second chapter of La Grange Chronicles, Chuck goes to retrieve another sick sycophant from the town limits where he allegedly has run out of gas.

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