Madman’s Diary


****All things real can be made fiction and washed of the truth. Believe what you want but know that it comes from the mind of a madman who has been committed several times. The following comprises journal entries from 1994 on. The truth is fiction and is not real in anyway, unless you believe that fiction can become reality. Do you believe in Monsters? Do you believe in Dragons? Do you believe in Middle Earth? All things mentioned here are from a broken mind, a warped sense of reality that hosts demons and monsters from lore.****

The Madman awaits with another thrill ride entry to his personal travel diary.
The Madman


Day One

Day One brings about the fond memories of post High School days as my education continued through to an apprenticeship.

Day Two

Day Two brings me closer to a budding career with Manitoba Hydro, and Amercia closer to finding out that the Middle Est is a formidable foe.

Day Three

Day Three brings me to the head of a battle with budding mental illness and the end of my Power Electrician’s Career.

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