Dawn of the New Age


September 11th, 2022: V-Day

For a long time the Western Governments didn’t see us coming and we slowly integrated into their societies over years and formed sleeper cells. Those in charge of the cells had immigrated in the late 80s or early 90s as people from all walks of life. A trickle of hard core Jihadis who bore a grudge against the West for its involvement in things the Islamic Nations didn’t want them to meddle in were the first to lead the way. They came in response to Al Qaeda’s threat to make life difficult for the West as the weakened Afghanistan was still trying to repel the United States as it called in markers for aid rendered during the conflict with the Soviets.

The first few arrivals to North America arrived with the goal of blending into our society, studying our culture, learning our economy, and finding what made our society work. They slowly set out to strengthen their numbers and built recruitment centres into existing and newly founded Mosques where immigrants went to pray. They soon found that racism, poverty, and associated problems in the affordable neighbourhoods were dragging down the hopes and dreams of many hard working immigrant families. Through careful manipulation of these facts they were able to build terrorist networks throughout North America with people willing to help their Islamic brothers spy on the West.

As a result sleeper cells were slowly built throughout Canada and the US to await for a day when they would be awoken to fight a holy war on North American soil. After 9/11 the ‘War on Terror’ was born and the invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001 to oust the Taliban government and bring the Al Qaeda leaders to justice started. The invasion of Iraq in 2003 spawned the second Iraqi war followed by hot spots flaring up around the Middle East like in Syria where Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant was formed. There are over 100 known terrorist organizations throughout the world and there are 20 represented in Afghanistan with 8 taking on an active role.

There was much talk but nothing substantial has happened so far towards the threat to carry out more terrorist attacks on North American soil. Soon this will soon change as I’m sure the past cannot be rewritten but there were a lot of things that led up to the new regime in North America. In order to understand this long term conflict you must go back to 1908 when oil was found in Persia and snapped up by American and British companies with little of the profit going to the Middle Eastern countries who were to follow with the discovery of oil. Al Qaeda and other powers to be from the Middle East have publicly accused Western countries of pretty much stealing the oil for their own purposes.

The conflict continued when rule of the Middle East was flipped during World War I from Turkish control. In order to get the help of the Turk dominated Arabs during WWI to fight the Germans the British promised them a state ruled by Arabs if they would rise up against their Turkish rulers. During the Paris peace conference the Arabs were betrayed by the allies and the Ottoman Empire was broken up into mandates ruled by the British or French. Arabs have since thought that the West should be punished for setting up a governmental system that favoured Western interests and Osama bin Laden has publicly stated this is one of the reasons for his anti-Western views.

The next World War brought relocation of Millions of Jews to what would become Israel in the region of Palestine. By the time 33% of the total population of Palestine was Jewish there were problems as the local Arabs had begun to feel threatened by the burgeoning Jewish population. When the British refused to allow any further Jews to immigrate Jewish extremists bombed the King David Hotel that was being used as the headquarters for the British ruling powers. After that attack the British asked the United Nations to take over leading up to Israel being formed. Since then Arab extremists have fought to destroy Israel and regain complete control of their former lands. Al Qaeda post 9/11 statements have hinted to the United States being targeted partly due to its support for Israel.

After the official formation of Israel and the Arab refusal to settle there was an invasion by the Arab nations surrounding Israel in an attempt to break the new nation. The Israelis managed to repel them and now the Palestinians were the refugees with 750,000 fleeing or forced out of Israel headed for Jordan, Syria, or Lebanon with some settling in the Gaza Strip and West Bank areas. This led up to the formation of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the resulting Six Day War between the Arabs and the Israelis where the Israeli army launched surprise attacks on Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. The Israelis now occupied the Gaza Strip, the West bank and the eastern half of Jerusalem which had been controlled by Jordan. The United Nations ordered the Israelis to withdraw and return the lands but they have never done so.

Another Arab-Israeli war was started by Egypt and Syria who attacked deep into Israeli territory during Yom Kippur. This time the United States backed Israel and the Soviets backed the Arabs causing the Arab oil producing countries to cut off the USA. During peace talks Egypt accepted the right of Israel to exist and this ruffled the feathers of a young Saudi Prince named Osama bin Laden who thought that the Muslim leaders were soft and weak. This led to the formation of the Al Qaeda network of Muslims in 1988 to provide money and training to support the fight against the enemies of Muslims worldwide.

To test the mettle of the west Iraq decided to invade Kuwait, a US ally and took over its oil wells and seaports in collusion with the rest of the Muslim world to draw the United States into conflict to feel them out. Saddam Hussein was defeated and ultimately repelled from Kuwait but the fact that the Americans were invited to stage from Saudi Arabia insulted Osama bin Laden who pointed out that Saudi Arabia was the home of Mecca and Medina. Although Hussein was not well liked by bin Laden, bin Laden pointed out that while Iraq complied with the imposed sanctions, the United Nations never caused suffering amongst the Israelis and they never did comply. He pointed out that there were thousands of Iraqi children dying from the sanctions that cut off medical supplies and vowed to end it.

In 1993 the United States again found itself embroiled in a civil war in Somalia. Due to the loss of American service personnel while trying to capture a tribal leader the US withdrew. Osama bin Laden thought that this meant the US would withdraw from Saudi Arabia and pull support for Israel if there were some terrorist attacks on American soil. In an attempt to turn the tide against the Western meddling as the Arab nations seen it there were several fatwas ordered against the West and its people. Approval for the World Trade Centre bombing was issued in a 1993 fatwa by sheik Omar Abd al-Rahman. This was followed by a fatwa against Americans worldwide in 1998 calling for the murder of its citizens in exchange for the booty of their wealth.

In 1994 the Taliban was formed in the still weakened Afghanistan to restore order to the country. They imposed the most strict form of Muslim law on the nation ever seen in a modern state and allowed Al Qaeda to operate freely from bases hidden in the Tora Bora mountains. Al Qaeda quickly started many encampments to train terrorists for operations all over the earth and in 1996 the idea to fly hijacked airplanes into well known buildings was formed. Later on that year Osama bin Laden issued a ‘Declaration of War’ on America to support his cause of forcing withdraw from Saudi Arabia and for supporting Israel.

By 1998 bin Laden has publicly warned of impending attacks on the US and later that year starts to plan 9/11. By summer 2001 the plans were almost complete and Al Qaeda agents were in place in the United States willing to pull off the operation and were already in positions to make it happen. Finally on September 11th, 2001 four hijacked airplanes were flown to their demise. Two struck the twin towers of the World Trade Centre, one struck the Pentagon, one was aimed at the White House, and one was lost in a crash other then on the intended target. By late September President Bush had declared a ‘War on Terror’ and by October Afghanistan was invaded.

In 2003 Iraq was again invaded as the US and UK claimed that Saddam Hussein was building up Weapons of Mass Destruction and dubbed it part of the ‘War on Terror’. Hussein was captured and put on trial for murdering Iraqi citizens and eventually hung in 2006. This did little to settle down the rebellious nation and as a result of the occupation terrorist attacks increased. When 2009 rolled around and the nation was somewhat settled the British troops withdrew leaving the Americans all alone. By 2011 Osama bin Laden had been shot dead during a raid on a compound in Afghanistan. There was doubt that Al Qaeda would continue but the war rages on and the intended results that he wanted finally took place.

In the beginning, there was Kuwait to test the mettle of the American forces, leading up to 9/11 and a resulting war in Afghanistan. Hussein and bin Laden where killed and other leaders of 9/11 were brought to justice but the Americans paid for each arrest and detainment to Guantanamo Bay through a rising death toll amongst it’s soldiers. By the end of 2019 there are over 7,000 deaths attributed to the war in Afghanistan and Iraq for US personnel, 158 dead and over 1,800 injured for Canadians serving in Afghanistan. The total dead number of combatants for the conflict that is being waged is much higher and sits between 480,000 and 507,000. This uneven number of dead leaves roughly 500,000 dead Jihadists, a staggering number. Overall, including civilians, the death toll is estimated at more then 800,000.

This may seem a significant and daunting loss but worldwide an estimate 12% of Muslims support the militant side of Islam. For example 7% of Moroccans, 5% of Pakistanis, and 6% of Egyptians all support Jihadis to some extent. This may not seem significant until you figure out there are 1.8 Billion Muslims on earth leaving 216 Million people to support the cause. You must remember that the actual 9/11 attacks were pulled off with only 19 people and caused 2,977 casualties. One estimate claims there might have been as many as 5,000 people linked to Al Qaeda in the United States, but the entire radical spectrum of terror groups has been replicated in the US. This includes Hamas, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood. The expected number of extremists who may carry out the terror attacks was probably down in the low hundreds, but again that was in the beginning, before we gained momentum and overthrew the Canadian, US, and British governments in 2022.

The day Osama bin Laden died, May 2nd, 2011, was the day that we started to plan for the bloodless terror attacks that brought the West to its knees. Seeing as we had crippled their economy and damn near collapsed their power grid, the powers to be in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom caved in and met our demands. We held the balance of power worldwide and threatened to do the same to other nations that opposed us or in anyway tried to stop us from achieving our mission.

It took one year of planning, eight years of secret preparations, and was executed in under a year but our bloodless attacks on the Western World were not to be taken lightly. We had finally achieved what Osama bin Laden had not achieved in his lifetime, complete control of the West. Osama bin Laden and the other top level Al Qaeda commanders had laid the plans early on as a fail safe for us in the event that they were captured or killed. An all in last ditch effort to surmount the forces of the West and take back control of the Middle East including the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.

We have finally freed our brothers in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, we have freed Jerusalem, and the US has left Saudi Arabia. All of bin Laden’s ideal victory conditions were met by our combined armies under the Al Qaeda flag. We became the Intelligence assets, Islamic State became the ground pounding soldiers alongside the other organizations that held fast to our ideals. Islamic State spread the world, gaining in popularity the more Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was allowed to speak publicly. After his death in 2019 Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi took over and the momentum never stopped, just like through the extra effort we pitched in when Osama bin Laden died.

We for a time will rule the biggest and greatest Caliphate to ever spread the earth… It covers every continent. Most Christian Nations of the so called free world have stopped fighting through military action and are signing peace treaties with us giving us power over them like they once had over us. We the Muslims will decide for a change who rules over what place and what is acceptable there. We will decide who can do what for a change instead of being dictated to.

We have a new found belief in the philosophy of Democracy… In voting your leaders to office. We want to keep your nations comfortable and will learn to play your systems for power above your people to keep your politics in check. Just like Alexander the Conqueror did with Persia when he took over we will keep your leaders in place and you may rule your own countries so long as you pay respect to us and look up to your new rulers.

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