Dying thought broadcast at night;
Close eyed movie of the mind;
Belief that we still see in our sleep.
Gone to fly;
Gone to mourn;
Gone to pass the day.
Take a piece of the pie;
Eat it all the way.
Take a bite of reality;
Make it what it is.
Take a thought;
Stretch it out and twist away the wrinkled spots.
Dreams have meaning;
Some believe reality has been exposed;
Others think that reality can bend to the might of mind.
A nice way to pass the time;
Do what you won’t dare;
Take chances all the time.
Control your own destiny;
Divine your own rules;
Think what you’d like to do; your mind will spit out a version that is true.
Focus on a strong point before going to bed;
Now in slumber, eyes rolling in your head;
You’ve entered dreamland;
Visions of what you thought;
Think things through subconsciously and see the end result.
Take warning if you dare;
Read into what you remember;
Record every memory.
Find resolution in what you care.
Dreams can be made to reality, show what you thought!

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