Life’s But a Waste

 Life can be used
 And fretted about.
 Life can seem free to those who see through the
 Clouds that weigh most of us down.
 Life can become suddenly uncooperative
 And a change will seem sound to make.
 Hope will fill your sails
 And strength will charge your being.
 Life will turn at your will  
 Into a better existence.
 If this life you waste,
 Your time will have no meaning.
 Life will leave its mark on your final being.
 This mark will stand the test of time.
 Our final lot in life is mere product of the way
 We chose to spend each of our productive days
 On the planet we call earth.
 If I choose to do nothing with all the time I have,
 I lose a lot of time.
 If I choose to do something with all the time I have,
 I gain a lot of production.
 If I choose to mix and match for balance,
 All my time will have good meaning.
 If I choose to rest with time,
 Time will always return in value  
 What rest you get to help your wear subside.
 If you choose more time,
 Time will not come undone;
 Time cannot be regained;
 Time cannot be lost but only let ‘slip away’;
 Time will have always had some kind of meaning;
 Time cannot be extended for ‘The Second’ is a continual passing.
 If you choose to invest more time in the last five reasons,
 Then more time will you lose,
 More time will go to that which got you here first and in the end you have nothing!  

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