The Salvation of Salvation

Grudge against society;
Fuel of rage;
Calm the beast that takes its time,
Subdue its hatred of man.
When its end is near,
Expect the worst to be.
The Devil plays poker and Jesus is his bet.
Kill them all is what he wants;
Free the land is how He sees.
There are the foolish who need more then life;
Spoiled and rotten, they count beans instead of help strife.
More then you can carry;
Pockets so deep.
Cash now, Pay later.
At least God still lives cheep.
Debt is madness;
Devour the darkness and try to show it light.
When you encounter those fit to die,
Try out your patients then be set to fly.
Help those who have heartache, give them wine.
Feed fish and teach them to see.
That is the way of life.
Lessons cost nothing, time can be cheep.
Helping costs nothing, but starving has a price.
Held back and lonesome, light can lose its way.
When allowed solitude, light scatters every which way.
Then can be happiness and joy for those who feed.

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