Undoing of Satan’s Kind

 Rotten lovers from time ago;
 Most jailed and sold to hell;
 Jezebel knows the place;
 Seems she has a new face.
 Still clinging to the past;
 Singing songs of a time ago;
 Never forget the scissor’s disgrace;
 She will never let go.
 Heartburn felt and soon forgotten;
 These women are awful rotten;
 Never again to have life.
 Thirteen whores have new faces;
 Body changes but still disgraces;
 They never should be free again.
 All their lovers are still with us;
 Blackness seeps from their eyes;
 Weakness shows upon their faces;
 The devil still shows fake light.
 Most have committed acts of atrocious nature;
 Disgusting things to mankind’s children;
 Murderous rage has been stored in the belly of their beast.
 Life has never since been together;
 Wives lost and children unborn;
 Families tangled;
 Many strangled in the nets of life.
 Fish for love and find their faces;
 Drink a pint and run away;
 They are sure to follow through. 

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