Downtown is spectacular
And will cut right to your soul.
The Skyscape is marvelous
And brims with silver and gold.
During the week there are many souls around,
Some working,
Some playing,
Some eating,
Some even paying to live.

The surrounding suburbs,
Are vast and cover much ground;
Are filled with families of beauty;
Are filled with lawns manicured by people who care;
Are filled with pets, mostly tiny dogs.
The areas are all named separate
And have streets of the same name
Making it confusing to first get around.
Once you get use to travelling,
 Calgary is very easy to navigate through.
The airport bustles
And always has coffee on.
The C-Train Is full during rush hour
And many must stand their ground.
The public buses are tiny
And crisscross many streets.
The infrastructure is built for many people
And still there are not enough roads to move around.
Always busy,
Always something going down.
Calgary has many sports teams.
These to name a few:
Stampeders’ Football.
Flames’ Hockey with the Hitmen bringing a minor edge.
Vipers’  Baseball.
Roughnecks’ Lacrosse.
The rest just as good as those,
Always entertaining,
Always energizing,
Always exhilarating,
Always with fair cost and full value,
They will keep you in your seat.  
The Stampede seems to stick out,
From all the other things,
As being one of the best times of year.
That is definitely one time where you can find
A friend helping a friend;
Pancakes and sausages for nothing but a grin;
Western hospitality,
       Where nothing is left undone.
The fair is surprising and busy with those left to spend away.
Full of rides.
Full of food.
Full of fun.
Full of slowly changing ways.
Full of those willing to show their ways.
The parade is spectacular and just seems to get longer all the time.
Each float seems to get better every year.
Each band seems to have a similar tune.
Each person seems dedicated to perform.
Each and everyone who views this spectacle
Must do it in a limited way.
Life here can be amusing and just never seems to go away.
Nearby are some of the most beautiful scenes.
Parks like Jasper,
And even BC’s interior are but a day’s drive away.
They offer some of the most appealing
Natural scenes,
Animal beings,
Insect beatings,
And the largest carnivores around.

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