One Shot

 Once there was a kingdom
 left in the dark.
 All the people ranted  
 and none could find Park.
 He was wandering the sandhills
 and could hear the gun’s cry:
 danger to the left of him.
 danger to the right.
 danger in front  
 definitely at night. 
 Safety behind himself  
 from the lost patrol.
 While scouting  
 he was separated  
 from themselves
 and lost all sense of time.
 Found from a starscope
 they outwardly cried:
 Stand fast stranger,
 identify with rank!
 IFF had no meaning  
 as batteries were shot...
 Literally bullet snapped
 by Mustafa’s left hand.
 Picked apart transponder
 and power source thrown  
 to the sand.
 Footsteps ordered  
 friendly lines...
 If our Allah believes us,
 he will save you as a foe.
 God will out you as a friendly  
 not to be shot in the head...
 Sniper team takes a liberty,
 and say shot was cleared...
 Park hits the deck  
 and the results are clear...
 Canadian Elements  
 have murdered at best...
 Taken lives wanting rest...
 Not relaxation but messengers  
 from Allies within
 the Al-Qaeda organization wishing  

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