It is an impassability.
Need? Greed? Selfishness? Or just what we dream?
Death is dying and he is strange to his race.
Life? Why live after death?
Do we still feel? Guilt? Power? Need?
Need to live a life born of honesty? So what I lived as a king?
Does that make me terrible? Does that alone make me what I was when I died?
Or do I need to go further? You know? I don’t…
I just lived… a long time ago. Life was mine,
When I was free. Now I have death. Just no life.
Permanent? NO!!!
I wish to sea. I wish to feel. I WISH!!!
Breeze! Salt air upon my skin. Felt, free!
Now I sit and ROT… just a bit. No joke. I ROT. 
I did deserve my death…
So did we. All of us. Now we see… he does not do these things…
At least he tries… He tries to live free… 
He showed us his anguish, torment and pain.
He lives, so called free. No sin? 
NO! He will be just like the rest… MAN!

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