Woman in White Skins


 found divine,
 chopped up,
 mixed with spices,
 and a little mushroom gravy.
 Yellow hair.
 Did take care.
 Treasured just right.
 Found in plain sight
 and held to a flame.
 Cream Cheese and Strawberries
 Philly Cheese Steak, onion, milk, sour cream,
 peppers outta the jar,
 potatoes, thinly sliced,
 garlic butter with sauteed chives.
 Across the expanse,
 we did lock graves.
 Continued the dance on another plane,
 left reality
 gone the same.
 Up here, over there,
 down the street,
 up in the air.
 Rick Rypien is left of center.
 Outdoors in a car.
 Awaits the Black Mamba,
 Held up, tied down,
 ransom fits if found.
 The key for door's satisfaction is awaiting
 clues to creep of unanxiety.
 Kush is going insane,
 Batman comes back again.
 I'll always be alone. 

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