Twenty-three weeks in the making.
Nine teams tussle and play.
Two are fortunate;
One will slink away.

Today Winnipeg stands before
all the Canadian Football League.
Not so cold due to our
Spanish Friend.
The crowd roars to see
The Ottawa Redblacks
The Edmonton Eskimos
in the 103rd
Grey Cup to be.

Many will wear a jersey
with their hearts
put out on a sleave
as many volunteers
have helped put it together.
Now it’s the East VS the West.

Coin toss made;
Edmonton wins,
and will defer
so Ottawa receives.
Bobby Bazini sings
Buttons with Pride.
as the Snowbirds fly by.

Edmonton kicks off,
and ball returned
to Ottawa Thirty-five.
First play of the game
and Burris’s pass to Chris Williams
is incomplete.
2nd &10;
Pass to Maurice Prince
gained a few yards.
1st & 10;
Ottawa is on Fifty-one.
Pass to Greg Ellingson complete,
1st & 10;
possession on Edmonton Forty-two.
Pass to William Powell complete,
not quite a first down.
2nd down sees Powell run the ball.
1st down possesion
at Edmonton’s 25.
Pass again;
Chris Williams receives.
1st & Goal
is what Ottawa sees.
Pass again And Patrick Lavoie
has fortune of Touchdown to see.
Convert from Chris Milo
is complete;
7-0 @ 11:18 of the first.
Burris stands five for six,
what beautiful
Seventy-two yard opening drive.

Ottawa’s Kendial Lawrence kicks
and Edmonton returns
to their own
40 yard line.
Ottawa’s Powell runs the Ball;
1st down;
Edmonton’s Twenty-five.
Ottawa’s Ernest Jackson receives;
Another 1st down possession
Edmonton’s Ten yard line.
Ottawa’s Crowell runs the ball,
now 2nd & Goal.
Ernst Jackson receives
Touchdown score.
Again a convert is kicked
but not through the uprights.
13-0 Ottawa;
8:35 in the first.

Ottawa kicks.
Edmonton’s Kendial Lawrence
with a short return;
Possession of ball
on Edmonton’s Thirty-One.

Mike Reilly goes to work;
Pass to Adarius Bowman
complete for first down.
Akeen Shavers runs for 2nd & 2.
Shavers runs again
and earns a first down;
Possession at Ottawa’s Fifty.
Coverage is heavy,
so next pass
is incomplete
and Kenny Stafford does not receive.
Penalty called on the play,
to repeat first down.
Challenge called and failed;
Play complete.
Possession on Ottawa Seventeen.
1st down fail as pass incomplete,
no touchdown reception.
2nd & 10 also fails
as D puts pressure
on Reilly to perform.
3rd down brings Sean Whyte
to kick and score.
13-3 Ottawa
5:46 in the 1st Quarter.

Ottawa has possession
at their own Thirty-five
and Burris awaits the snap.
He scrambles
and runs to gain one yard.
Ottawa sits 2nd & 9.
Burris throws;
Patrick Watkins intercepts;
Balk at Edmonton 50.
1st down brings a short pass
for Kendial Lawrence;
Edmonton 2nd & 7.
Reilly calls a pass
and Kenny Stafford receives.
Flag on the play.
Edmonton declines.
1st & 10 with possession
at Ottawa 35.
Reilly fakes to Lawrence
and then runs to 2nd &1.
Rushing play gets it’s way and results
in another 1st down.
Next up an en end zone pass;
Touchdown as Adarius Bowman
receives a Twenty-three yard delight.
Extra point is good
13-10 Ottawa!
1:59 in the 1st Quarter.
Edmonton kicks and Jamil Smith
returns to their own 30 yard line.
Henry Burris 7 for 9
and Eighty-eight yards for two TDs.
1st down brings Powell running
with the ball;
Another 1st down complete
at the 42 yard.
Next play brings a Quarterback Sack
complete with penalty flag.
Burris is dragged back
to near their Twenty-five;
Unnecessary Roughness called
as a fifteen yard penalty
from where the ball lay dead.
2nd down brings Powell on the run
to be dragged down near their forty-five.
2nd & 7;
Last play of the Quarter,
Burris sacked again.

Ottawa Edmonton
10 1st Downs 6
88 Passing 67
40 Rushing 22
140 Yards 89
1 Turnovers 1
6 Points off Turnovers 7

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