Breath of a Heisman

Quarterback drops to the slot;
Checks his D;
Counts the seconds he’s still got.
Break through is imminent;
Still nobody clear enough to receive;
Think of scramble then one breaks free.
Toss the ball with all your might;
Pray for a complete pass of good yards.
Watch the receiver and see him turn;
Slow his pace and time the ball;
Jump as if knew it all.
Ball tips his hands outstretched;
Drops down to his chest;
Cradled tight and the other hand held to block.
Lands on solid ground.
Spins and starts a sprint.
Stutter step to miss a hit.
Turn again and change your course;
Veer to an opening.
Angle across the field.
Run for the blockers over there.
Chase their openings with great care;
Careful, here comes a pair.

Unable to steer away;
Lean into the hit of his life;
Stumble, still unable to shake them free;
Finally unable to proceed,
He wavers and drops to a knee.
Whistle blows,
play is complete.

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