For Rypien!

 40 sec in and there they go.
       Fans are out of their seats.
            See the appreciation.
            First game.
            Jets are not weak!
 Punch on the cheek.
       Twist to the ground.
              Ref steps in.
 Fight for valour.
       Fight for pride.
             Fight for the fans in their seats.
 Power play Jets.
       Columbus is down.
            Time to protect their goal.
                 Bounce the puck.
                       Keep it going.
                            Don’t let them leave their end.
 Shots add up. Still no score.
       The puck is perpetually free.
             Move it up and down the ice.
                    Give it a slap around the boards.
                            Move to start a play.
 First goal Jets!
       Crowd roars in cheer.
             Postma scores.
                   Finally we have first blood.
 Pavalec’s .914.
        4 shut outs to be.
               Can he keep up the pace?
 Again they go.
       Bass vs. Bodie.
             Scrap till they hit the ice.
             Down to 4 on 4.
             Face off.
             Even strength.
                 Who will be next to score?

 Second goal adds to our lead.
       Scheifele shoves it in.
             Rebound got loose and Columbus paid.
                     Soon time for the end of the first.
 First is over.
         The Jets are showing their physique.
         Play the body.
               Play the puck.
                    Hit the dressing room with cheek.

 2nd Period.
      Shots to the Jets.
            Columbus stumbles and plays short.
                 Power play fizzles. Back to even strength.
                      Jets still fail to score.
                 Jets have advantage yet again.
                      It’s time to score.
 Cross checking leaves Columbus short.
      Jets start with a roar!
 Shorthanded shot is covered up.
      Ref whistles on the play.
             Face off in Jets' defensive end.
                   The rush is on!
             Offside called and whistled again.
                   Columbus short sided the score.
 2-1. Jets lead.
     Half the game is spent.
 Bass goes to the gloves. AGAIN!
      Fighting for our side.
      Again they scrap till they drop.
      Both go to the box.
      Bass plays for 3 min 35 and now Misconduct is his gain.
           Off the ice; He was ejected from the game.
 Dorsett has a scrap to prove.
        Festerling and him decide to fight.
                Two down and still ahead by a goal.
                         Play starts again.
 Six min left in second period.
     Heat is on the Jets.
          Pavalec’s speed is doing fine.
          Stop, block and again.
          Rebound’s free but it's shot away.
                The pressure is off.
 Jets up the ante.  
      Score one more.
            One long pass then across the ice
                   Clark shoots to score!
 1:30 to go in the middle of the game.
       Hooking Bogosian. Jets are short for two.
              Box ‘em up and send ‘em home.
                   Columbus slouches and sleeps.
                          Buzzer drones.
 We have the end of two.
 Start of the third.
       Jets are soaring high.
            Rocket fuel burns bright.
            25-18 shots to date.
            17-9 scoring chance.
            Jets are flying high.
 Aebischer now in goal.
        Time to get some ice.
              Fight the length of the boards.
                       Touch wood at both ends.
 Power play brings no score.
       Jets finally put one in.
              One timer of unsightly speed.
                     Telegin gets credit for the fourth.
                                                                 Face off.
 Penalty again.
 Interference for two min of four on five.
                 Stuart sits the time.
                 Jets are placed in check.
                 Columbus’ defense kicks in.
                 Can’t blame them.
                 They brought their best game.
 Penalty called. Jets are down.
      Slashing was the call.
           Columbus has two minutes to cut the lead.
                  Luck of skill leaves no room.
                       Bang them off. Shot for shot.
                          Try hard to hit the mesh again.
 Columbus called for boarding,
       Dorsett goes to the box.
             Winnipeg will see five on five for 25 sec of luxury.
 One, two, three shots.
        Puck chased away.
            Jets stay at it.
    Get offense in sight.
        Scheifele gets it in.
         Now it’s 5-1.
 Another goal.
      Hard long shot.
           Number six belongs to Ladd.
           Antropov sets the shot.
           Right on cue he plays the man;
                 No defence to be found.
 5 min left this game, no #37 to be seen.
       He played his games and made his stays,
              now the whole team wears RR!
 Long shot. Glove save made.
      Face off Columbus end.
           27 saves so far. Sanford still in net.
 1:20 to go. Jets have the puck.
       Rush is on again. No goals. No more shots.
              Time to run the clock.
 The goals.
      The glory.
           The guts.
                The grins.
                    New Jets are a hit!
        One player missed this season.
        Spirit still strong with life.
        We all miss a mate.
        So long Rick, we’ll see the season through! 

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