The Penalty

First and ten, score is tied, 
ten minutes left in the last quarter.
Tension is high, playoff ride, New quarterback this season.
Run to the left, run to the right, quarterback will see the reason.
Hail Mary, short hook or hoof it for ten yards.
Time to decide our play;
Offensive Coordinator will decide the best way.
Win this game and get a break;
Lose today and end our season.
In the end we all train hard;
Gel; Get rhyme for our reason.
Huddle up to set the play;
Break and join the line;
Hurry now to avoid delay.
Offense is set to play.
Quarterback calls the snap;
Motion gives way to reason.
Receivers cross the field;
Confuse the play and open the reason.
Sudden burst of speed, 
cut back to the middle field, receiver is open.
Cock the ball, aim on the fly, release and take a hit.
Defense spins, reads the play, counters on the spot.
Charge in as the football flies;
Jump for the block;
Contact with the opposing side.
Flags fly;
Defense cries;
First and ten again.

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