The Research Journal of Phlax Yoong

Doctor Phlax Yoong started life as a Starfleet officer doing research into better ways to conduct super-luminescent travel. He was project leader of a group of classified personnel with the mission to accomplish what others thought was impossible, opening wormholes through the fabric of space-time. They had minor success at first and eventually focused on technologies other than Warp engines…

Through the study of conversion of matter to antimatter, specifically the transformation of electrons into positrons they could break down long-standing barriers and overcome the limitations of Warp Drive technologies that in effect ‘warp’ around the speed of light and slingshot a ship to superluminal speeds. The new technology allows a Starship to open a wormhole before the bow of the ship and pass through, cutting down the time of travel from point A to point B.

Through his research he has gained an insight into the world of positrons and became intrigued by their ability to store latent energies. Ingrained upon the positron, this latent energy could theoretically allow Artificial Life conscious thought. Doctor Yoong, the first to realize this, was keen to present his findings to the director of research at Starfleet Command and so started the race for the positronic brain.

Little to Yoong’s credit remains, but this Research Journal stands as deserving of merit towards the valiant struggles of one scientist that led to Doctor Noonian Soong’s breakthrough, a fully functioning positronic brain. Unfortunately, the breakthrough came too late for Doctor Yoong as he had passed away a half century earlier, leaving behind his research hoping someone would come along and complete his groundbreaking efforts.

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August, 27, 2378

This entry is the beginning of Yoong’s quest to stabilize the neural network responsible for the flight or fight instincts within the brain.

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