Nothing is more beautiful than a clear, well framed, beautifully composed landscape shot. Think of a sunset over a mountain range, or a beautiful tree lined country road leading to infinity in the middle of nowhere. These shots are easy to achieve with a little practice and good timing.

Scope out your favorite areas from dusk till dawn and learn when you will get a favorable light for the best photographs. Shoot your area of interest from dusk till dawn and take multiple photos with varied camera settings. Try different perspectives, try different angles, take your time and get it just right.

Remember the basics of taking photos: composition, lighting, subject, and background. Tie all these things together and go beyond the obvious and take photos that captivate your viewers. Use the rule of thirds and place the horizon at power points, vary the location of the horizon for different effects.

Layering is especially important in landscape photos to add depth. Consciously think through foreground and mid-ground elements. Use a smaller aperture value on aperture priority to get sharp photos with lots of depth.

Shoot long after sunset and long before sunrise with artificial light, or on high ISO to capture subtle photos. For good lighting, shoot away from sun during harsh times (around noon). Shoot away from sunset for nice subtle lighting.

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