Letter of Submission

I once read that a letter of submission would be the worst piece of writing an author would ever do. This makes sense when you must briefly summarize your novel into a jacket-copy like piece. Your pitch should be brief and only to sell your idea, not explain the plot in a book review style editorial. There are many approaches to writing this ugly thing, and here are a few tips:

  • Write for the specific agent
    • use full name and title
    • compare your book to other works the agent published
    • explain why you chose this agent
  • Note achievements
    • awards
    • school
    • publications
  • Start letter with pitch
    • get a good hook involved
    • keep it brief
  • Marketablility
    • give selling point of your book
    • provide details about the current market
    • differentiate your book from other similar novels
  • Avoid cliches
    • Dear Sir/Mame
    • To whom it may concern
  • Write in formal language

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