Notebook Journal

This type of journal is what most people think of when they think about journaling. A classic spiral-bound notebook in which to write your thoughts and feelings, like a diary. It can be the best for people with no access to computers, tablets, or smart phones, as a pen will almost always work while it has ink.

Some people are afraid of these types of journal, or are physically incapable of using them because of physical disability but you should be aware that IMHO there is NO difference between an electronic journal and a hand written one despite what some claim. Electronic journals are more versatile due to the ability to add images and sketches from various other programs. You don’t need a journaling , program to achieve them Wordpad or any word processing program will do.

Look in bookstores, drug stores, and places like Walmart for pre-made journals. These take the shape of pre-formatted spiral-bound, hardcover, or even softcover books with places to write the date, time and topic and give space for your entry.


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