There, over in the corner...
Yes you, stand still laddie.
Sick balls was funny, but not undone.
Still think their runny,
but eggs are not cooked clean.
Eat all the pork you can,
have Click from a fucking can...
Vegetables will be nice...
Some even learned twice.
Rice as a side dish can be fun...
just eat the fucking sooie.
Forceful confinement is not alone,
they all suck on piggie’s bone...
His big fat cock do they see...
Muther Fuckers is not our reality.
Some say they will surrender,
other say they will not.
William Tell was a hero,
Babe Ruth went to bat.
Robin Hood was knighted,
and King Richard 
was where he stood,
while the Maid Marion 
was being raped
by the village idiot’s crew.
Too many people 
have been fucked into you...
Time is a lesson...
Time is the reason too,
because thenaughty duo
just got caught by you.
Selling Heroine 
in the Parkade
should have signalled flares,
but still the mighty falseness 
abuses the few.

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