Smoke Desires a Life of Freedom

Good grass is such a treat;
	Hard to get;
		But the high excels; Is hard to beat.
Cut buds;
	Pack of rolling papers;
		Eye for more; turn around and roll another treat.
Roll it larger then you seem to recall;
	Extra special love will bring you around;
		Heighten up the dosage and then toss it around.
Share the gift of reefer and let them smoke for free;
	Punishment is pain to most;
		Abolish the laws of enslavement;
		Free the mind of choice.
		Prohibition is costly;
			Listen to the voice.
				Reason costs nothing;
					Hear the being of disdained grief.
Alcohol and tobacco cause so much pain.
	Suffering that’s legal;
		Perfect reality of insane desire.
		Fuel the pain and suffering;
			Stifle that with hope.
Could be used for plenty;
	Just grass to most.
		Dulls mild pain;
			Settles the stomach;
				Brings hunger to the weary and
		Brain activity to all those who indulge with a toke.

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