Society’s Showdown With the Fired Up Few

Darkness brings light;
    Light brings darkness.
        Equality has not been seen.
When one prospers all will fail;
    The other has nothing 
    but darkness is for sale.
        Shift your priorities 
        to stay for the show.
	    Showdown is eminent, 
            reduced for the final blow.
How has man gone so far?
    Will the diamonds 
    shine through the rough?
	Look to the heavens;  
            Heathens share the joy.
Final answers see though the clouds;
     Man can only climb so high.
	Now there is madness
        as we float off the ground;
            Flying was expensive 
            then became so cheap.
Realization happens 
when ideas are set to feed.
    Help is salvation 
    when only so many can see.
        Bring about their demise 
        to let the bottom free.
	    Our minds can break matter 
            to loose the atoms of life;

Their minds 
    are closed, 
        they just punch
        you in the mouth.
Fear not 
    the other side 
    for many voices 
    can we build;

    Over shadowed
        by impending triumph, 
            let hearts take their will.

    Time has been our patients,
         Now time is their foe.
The battle 
    has been building 
        since the beginning; 
        Bloodshed need not be.
Our reality
    is as cloudy
        as theirs; 

    Truth of conviction 
        has freed us 
            from the rest.
Look to the Heavens; 
    Never see 
    the fire 
    of your tree.

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