The Lion is most handsome when looking for food.


Imagine a pride of lions lazily idle in the steppe or savannah, content from their last kill… Most likely the females brought the prey down without the dominant male’s help. He’s not lazy, scared, or stupid… He’s cunning… Not usually a killer… Manipulates the ladies into killing for him. Now that you’ve met Charles Manson and his marauding harem, you’ve heard of a sociopath.

They often lack conscience and only care for their own needs. Like Charlie, sociopaths appear sincere and can manipulate belief in people. Easy to make friends are impressed to exploit their weaknesses. Alot of times they manifest as scam artists on the flimflam due to this ability. They pass off as normal and hide in plain sight of humanity only to violate people with no guilt, shame, or remorse.

Because of these traits, they are hard to maintain relationships with as they cannot be honest with themselves or others. This leads to an inability to love or be loved due to the egocentric lack of bonding with others. They can appear insincere and manipulative to trained eyes. Usually come from families with a high level of dysfunction while in their youth.

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