The word euphony comes from the Greek word Euphanos meaning ‘Sweet-voiced’ or ‘Good Sound’. This is the use of words and phrases that create a wide range of noteworthy melody or loveliness in the sounds they create. Euphony attempts to create a pleasing and soothing effect to the ear because of the repeated vowels and soft consonants in the words employed.

  • Harmonious Consonants: L, M, N, R, soft ‘T’, and soft ‘V’.
  • Soft Consonants (semi-vowels): L,M, N, R, W, S, Y, ‘th’, ‘wh’
  • Buzzing Consonants: V, Z, and hard ‘Th’
  • hissing consonants: F, H, S, and ‘Sh’

Common techniques employed to produce Euphony:

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