Technology in business is an ever-changing field of advances. Fifty years ago there was the radio, and it was useful to get word out there about your new product that would change the farm forever. Next came TV. The masses could see your product for the first time. Now we have the Internet widely available and used by billions to view, and purchase products online.

Store fronts are dwindling in numbers as companies shift to an online presence. Think big names like Amazon and Wayfair who offer many goods for home delivery. Instant 24hr automated access to these services makes it convenient to shop on the go. There are no holiday closures, no hours of operation, and no snooty clerks who don’t like their jobs.

It is up to you to capitalize on the newer technologies if you choose to have an online presence. A corporate Twitter account, a Facebook page, or Instagram account can effectively market your company’s goods and services. A company website can provide detailed information about your products and services. Many hosting sites make it straightforward to build your own websites. Services like WordPress, and GoDaddy are cheap and affordable enough for small businesses to set up commercial services for your products.

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