The Vision

All at once, swept away, and gone forever, were my dreams. An inexperienced man was to stopgap the logic and circuits that defined robotics and the creation of artificial intelligence with a life of crime. I had been studying Electrical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and took an impromptu break from study to attend the Canadian version of Thanksgiving in Winnipeg. I was about an hour or two away from the border when I smoked a joint. I pulled it out of my shirt pocket and lit it up. I partially rolled down my window to let out the smoke, as I had done plenty of other times during similar drives.

I knew to have the last joint rolled and ready for when I neared the boarder, so there would be no trace of marijuana on my person or in the Bronco when I reached the border. I pulled deeply on the joint, rolled the smoke around in my mouth, and then deeply inhaled. I held my breath for a few seconds, then exhaled slowly. The THC quickly hit my circulatory system through my lungs and went up to my brain. Instantly I felt the effects, but kept puffing on the joint until there was just a roach left. I exhaled the last puff, settled in the seat, and tossed the rest out the window.

I scanned the highway ahead of me through the bright headlights, thinking about the many courses I had taken in the previous three years… Intro Astronomy… Intro Theology… Intro Psychology… And the Physics courses that go with Engineering. Human accomplishment marveled me up until 2020 and I looked forward to what could come beyond tomorrow. I had just set the cruise control and was thinking of how buzzed I was when the vehicle started shaking and became engulfed by white light. I white-knuckled the steering wheel and sweat heavily, even though there was still a cool breeze coming in the window.

The light got brighter and my truck’s motor died out. I put it in neutral and tried to start it as it rolled down the highway… Nothing. Tried the ignition a few more times with the same result and finally gave up thinking I’d just kill the battery. I steered for the side of the road and laughed at how hard the truck’s steering wheel was to use under no power. I thought I must have been hit by lightning from a freak strike, but what was causing the intense white light that still lingered? I struggled to keep focus as I blacked out, still determined that the vehicle would come to a stop on the side of the road.

Through the veil of fog clouding my reality, I saw a ball of matter that looked smooth and spherical, like a marble. There was electricity arcing through and around the ball, and a voice in my head told me it was the gravitational singularity that existed before Big Bang. I knew that within the ball physical laws would be non-existent and time and space would merge to have no separate meaning. Could this be the actual beginning of our universe? What did it mean, I questioned, as I struggled to keep from blacking out, leaving me thinking I would be vulnerable in my vehicle.

As I fought the blackout I tried to steer my Bronco towards the side of the road. Eventually I gave in and slumped in my seat, still restrained by the seat belt. A voice… Myself, I thought… Told me through telepathy that I would see the Universe’s beginning and eventual evolution until humans appeared on earth and dispersed to the other land masses. I’d get to see a chronicling of our technological advances since rock tools used to cut, grind, and crush right up till we developed CRISPR or Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats used to edit DNA. This is what I seen and heard:

According to the Bible’s story of Genesis, God created all we have in six days and rested on the seventh day. According to Stephen Hawking, God may exist, but science can explain the Universe without a creator. The commonly accepted theory of Big Bang is used to explain the Universe’s creation through science. We believe that there once was a small, fiery ball comprising everything to be. We know it as a singularity where matter was too dense for light to penetrate, and all we had was darkness.

We know nothing about where the singularity came from, but 13.8 billion years ago the singularity rapidly expanded. The common creation point for all life, all matters, and all energies brought forth the neutrons, protons, and electrons that we know today. The Universe was just a hundredth of a billionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second old and would go through a period known as Inflation.

During this period, the Universe would double in size some ninety times. 300 thousand years passed and the Universe cooled to where neutral atoms formed, allowing the transfer of light throughout the matter that had already coalesced into being. The Afterglow of the Big Bang, discovered by accident, led to the sacrifice of several Pigeons and the cleaning of poop off a radio telescope.

The team of Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson could not eliminate a stray signal while searching for neutral helium in our heavens. The mutual colleague of Bernard Burke introduced the duo to Bob Dicke and his team, who were trying to discover such a signal. Commonly called the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) it dated to 13.820 billion years old. It is the earliest recorded light in our Universe and has scattered everywhere through the loose stew of a primordial Universe primarily made up of Helium.

As the Dark Age of our Universe ended, the first stars formed as the ever present clouds of Helium collapsed into the first stars forming the first galaxies. This was the time of Re-ionization, about 400,000 years after Big Bang, and the Universe became transparent, allowing emission of ultraviolet light. This light aided the creation of new stars and eventually our galaxy, The Milky Way, was born with many stars except one. This star, Sol, one in about 250 billion stars in the Milky Way, became home to a particular planet, Earth.

Sol formed through the collapse of a nebula under its own gravity. As the nebula collapsed, a disk-shaped cloud of dust and gas spun, creating Sol at its center. The Kuiper Belt could be the remains of such a disk and may be the leftovers from thecreation of our solar system’s sun, planets and moons. In the Ancient and Middle Ages philosopher Iogannes Kant and mathematician Pier-Simon Laplas theorized of a dust-gas nebula containing the matter necessary for this process in a rotating disk that would eventually break down and form separate clusters leading to planetary formation.

The planet Earth was at first a collection of dust clumps that formed the planet from Self-Organization, a spontaneous process that created order from chaos. At first the clumps were small, then clump after clump collided, fusing together to grow larger over millions of years. Self-Organization of our planet, and the others in our solar system, could have formed out of Gravitational Accretion or the attraction of small amounts of mass to one another like Newtonian Physics suggests, but this does not account for all the accretion going on. Scientists have theorized Electrical Accretion as another means where electrical charges help attract and bond clumps together. The key elements available in this planetary Nebulae to form planet Earth, such is the case with many planets, were Magnesium, Silicon, Iron, Aluminum, and Calcium. They form the basic compositions of much of the rocky layers of Earth.

This same process created the other planets and the moons and eventually the Inner Solar System, where Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars formed, and became stable enough for the collection of life-giving minerals like Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Sulfur. These elements, like the rock-forming elements, disbursed as the first giant stars exploded and gave their basic ingredients to the Universe. The elements of the whole periodic table were soon to follow as the basic elements formed and reformed in the Nebular Soup. Quite a few of them found a home on planet Earth. The newly formed elements comprising earth’s rock left a sea of magma, or molten rock, to cover our planetary embryo that had an atmosphere comprising Hydrogen and noble gases.

The Inner Solar System became known as the Habitable Zone and was where life was to form in our Solar System due mainly to an abundance of water. Asteroids, which crash-landed on earth, deposited water and another source of water was from the great Solar Nebulae. This early water led to an atmospheric shift, from toxic to life-giving, as the first of the primitive bacteria appeared on the planet in the newly deposited water of our great oceans. About 3 billion years ago the first of the anaerobic algae, a simple bacterium, formed in the oceans and could live without oxygen. About 2.5 billion years ago, the aerobic bacteria, cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae appeared. It used photosynthesis as a mechanism to transform light, the food source, into oxygen, the byproduct. This created a life-giving environment that allowed plant life to form on earth.

Fast forward to 535 million years ago and primitive life appeared in our oceans, comprising creatures such as arthropods and mollusks. About 410 million years ago, the first of the filamentous green algae invaded land during the Paleozoic Era. The first creatures on land appeared 420 million years ago in the form of arachnids and scorpions, and by about 390 million years ago, the first of the modern plants came into being with leaves, roots and spores. One of the first creatures capable of walking appeared on land 365 million years ago and was a vertebrate known as Acanthostega and was the first creature out of the ocean.

By 63 million years ago, many insects stalked the earth and were ready to take flight, while sharks swam in the oceans as top predators, and seed-bearing plants grew into forests. Finally, there was life on earth and the Dinosaurs appeared 225 million years ago along with primitive mammals, the earliest bees appeared 100 million years ago, snakes came into being 90 million years ago along with the first primitive placental animals.

The first ants formed 80 million years ago, Tyrannosaurus Rex came into being with the first species of Triceratops 68 million years ago, Penguins came into being 6 million years later, 2 million years after that we have a record of the first primates and the first flightless birds. 55 million years ago, primitive Hippopotamuses appeared on earth. 52 million years ago the first of the bats appeared, 40 million years ago modern moths and butterflies appeared, 38 million years ago lead to bears, 35 million years ago we had eagles and hawks, 33 million years ago the first marsupials stalked the earth, by 10 million years ago the first horses appeared.

Finally, evolution brought us the last common ancestor of the Human-Chimpanzee species around 6.5 million years ago. We learned to walk upright 6 million years ago. A leg bone from Orrorin tugenensis found in Kenya proves this and genesis from the apes. From 2.6 million years ago man used basic tools like stone flakes and cores to pound, cut, and crush alternative food sources like the meat of large animals. By the time we got longer leg bones 1.89 million years ago, we became known as the Homo erectus and could take longer strides, making it easier and faster to get around.

800,000 years ago primitives develop control of fire used for cooking, warmth, and a gathering place for socialization. From 800,000 to 200,000 years ago, the human brain developed becoming bigger and more complex, allowing our ancestors a better chance of adaption and survival. 500,000 years ago, spear hunting became a thing to hunt large mammals. 400,000 thousand years ago early humans spread to colder climates and adapted to living in extremely cold environments through the creation of the first man-made shelters. Around 300,000 years ago, modern humans were born and we became Homo sapiens. 250,000 years ago, the creation of symbols launched culture as we learned to use dyes and pigments.

The first anatomically modern human appeared 250,000 years ago in Africa and started colonizing the other continents 50,000 years before the present. 160,000 years ago shellfish were collected, cooked, and eaten. Also, human adolescence expanded to allow better development at an early age. By 130,000 years ago, trade had developed and long distance exchange of goods had become possible. By 100,000 years ago, mankind had developed stone and bone projectile points for darts and spears. 90,000 to 70,000 years ago brings humans the ability to develop fishing technology.

77,000 years ago, primitive humans developed tools associated with the creation of clothing like awls and perforators. 80,000 to 40,000 years ago, we developed permanent drawings. 40,000 years ago, humans developed painting and carved figurines. 35,000 years ago, humans developed the first primitive musical instruments. Improvements in clothing design and manufacture result in fine fitted clothes by about 30,000 to 24,000 years ago. Pottery to store food and drink arrived 17,000 years ago. 12,000 years ago humans developed domestication and farming developing the first agrarian societies but we still relied on hunting and gathering.

Finally, we colonize the New World about 11,500 years ago. Symbols became words and represented concepts beginning 8,000 years ago. 6,000 years ago humans developed sailing and sailed the rivers with the first ships being sailed upon the Nile river. 3,200 years ago the Iron Age started and it supplanted Bronze as the go-to material for tools and weapons. Gunpowder was first discovered by the Chinese 1,200 years ago, and Windmills followed 100 years later. 980 years ago, the compass resulted from the discovery of magnetic fields. 565 years ago the printing press came into being through the creation of the Gutenberg Press leading to cultural revolution in Europe.255 years ago James Watt redeveloped the Steam Engine, one of the most important creations of the Industrial Revolution.

216 years ago English Engineer Richard Trevithick implemented the first railway by building the first locomotive at the ironworks in Wales. 213 years ago Robert Fulton produced the first steamboat named the Clermont. 194 years ago Nicéphore Niépce figured out how to use a camera obscura to copy an image to pewter plates through a solution he developed and created the first camera. 186 years ago Samuel Morse patented the Telegraph and 7 years later it was used to send the first long distance message from Washington D.C. to Baltimore. 144 years ago German engineer Nikolaus Otto built the first gas-burning internal combustion engine that led to the automobile produced by Karl Benz 9 years later. In between the engine and the car, 141 years ago, was an electric light produced by Thomas Edison, who burnt a carbon-filament bulb for 13.5 hours.

With the advent and eventual control of electricity, came the inventions it spawned. The first of these were the radio, created by Guglielmo Marconi 119 years ago. Next up in a lengthy line of human accomplishments was the first airplane that flew 120 feet the first time Orville Wright took flight. Three tries later Orville’s brother Wilbur Wright managed an 852 foot flight. 94 years ago, Robert Goddard tested the first liquid-fueled rocket that flew 41 feet into the air. 93 years ago, Philo T. Farnsworth introduced Television with the transmission of a horizontal line. 83 years ago, John Atanasoff designed the first digital computer using binary numbers.

With computers, technology sprung out of control and developments took off in all fields of science. Nuclear Power directly resulted from the Manhattan Project or the attempt to build an atomic bomb. 78 years ago, a team of physicists led by Enrico Fermi created the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction with uranium. 73 years ago John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley showed the first transistor of Bell Labs. 63 years ago Russia launched Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite. 46 years ago personal computers came into being because transistors had miniaturized and so had circuits that used them. The first of the home-based computers was the Altair, but by 3 years later the Apple II, TRS-80, and the Commodore PET took over. Another development was the Internet’s control structure TCP/IP. Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn invented it to package and direct discreet datagrams through a network.

With networking and the increasing popularity of the Internet came a flurry of new advances in software like social media.31 years ago Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, followed by creating the first browser 28 years ago and finally E-mail 27 years ago. 25 years ago, Microsoft released Windows 95 to take top spot amongst operating systems. 23 years ago Broadband led to much faster cable modems which took over from dial-up connections.

20 years ago, AT&T became the first cellular company to offer text messaging. Skype became active on the Internet 17 years ago. 15 years ago YouTube launched allowing shared videos across the web. 14 years ago Twitter took off and caught on with a flurry of tweets across the Internet. A year later Facebook became a thing allowing you to post on your friend’s wall. Apple introduced the iPhone to the marketplace 13 years ago, launching the Smart Phone craze.

Back 18 years ago, SpaceX began a project to be the first to launch a commercial shuttle to the International Space Station. The first launch of SpaceX Dragon was 8 years ago and successfully delivered cargo to the ISS. 17 years ago Tesla, Inc. founded and developed topend electric vehicles. The first, the Tesla Roadster, released 12 years ago, could manage 394 Km on a single charge.

The Human Genome Project of 17 years ago successfully sequenced over 23,000 genes to shed light on human disease, migration, evolution, and molecular biology. 8 years ago Driver-less cars became a thing as Google announced its automated cars had driven over 300,000 miles accident free. 6 years ago the Mars Rover found water under the surface of the red planet after being launched 9 years ago. 5 years ago Apple released the Apple Watch. Finally, there were medical breakthroughs and Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier developed CRISPR to edit human DNA 3 years ago. Now we can play God with our own basic building blocks.

I again seen the road ahead of me as I came out of the fog of the vision. Thank God, I thought, I was still on the side of the road. It was interesting to see the Universe from then till now and all our accomplishments, but what purpose did it serve? Wasn’t God the one responsible or have we turned into Gods ourselves and are responsible for our own fate upon this planet? We learned to take advantage of the raw resources available to us to continue existence in the 2.6 million years since developing rock tools to scrape, cut and bash. Most of the technology developed came in the last 300 hundred years and has been electrical. We have learned to overcome our own shortcomings and can now live independently of the planet.

I opened the truck door immediately, looked back along the road back to where I came from thinking it was cool tonight. I looked at the watch on my wrist and thought I was making excellent time. It was Five AM and I had a half an hour left till Grand Forks, then about three hours till Winnipeg. Suddenly I had to relieve myself and thought I should head for the trees, so I started off in that direction. As I walked, I thought I could get back to Winnipeg by about 9AM, 9:30AM at the latest. I made the tree line just in time and took a step or two into the woods, thinking it would be a relief to urinate and empty my straining bladder. Straining like my head under the influence of all the jumbled thought I had in the last little while. I unzipped and had at it against a tree, then suddenly I went blank again.

When I came to there was white light all around me, radiating from my being, filling me with courage and faith. Had I died urinating? Did I have a body left on earth… Somewhere just off the road and into the treeline? I seemed too filled with life to have died and raised my hands… Was this a trick of the marijuana? Was I still hallucinating? I felt for a pulse…. Check… A little high, but still I felt one. I seemed to glow with energy, magnificence, and simplicity. I felt in awe of the power surging through me and although I did not know where I was, and seemed to have left behind the world that I was familiar with, I remained calm and collected.

Peels of thunder clashed in the sky and ball lightning arced across the heavens as I stood, taking in my new surroundings. The spark… The beginning… Clearer now… Not foggy… Still groggy from the weed. I had come this far and wondered if I was to see further visions, or if there was something to do. The Earth shook and cracks appeared in the ground underfoot while black hands probed through the cracks, trying to grab at my legs to snatch me away. When the hands came into contact with the surrounding aura, they were set on fire and burned. The hands would quickly retract and I heard shrieking from within the earth. Occasionally a black spirit would run by and try to grab at me with a similar result.

There was a murmuring that I could barely make out above the thunder… It seemed familiar… Seemed like I knew the words but just couldn’t make them out. In the distance I saw a group of similarly protected, and the one whom I assumed was their leader hastily beckoned me to draw near. Nothing from this realm seemed to hurt me, or seemed to hurt them, but I knew it wouldn’t last forever, so I made a break towards the group. As I drew nearer, I could hear the collective murmuring in a foreign language that grew louder and I thought it was a prayer. I didn’t know the language, but they repeated the words over and over like a mantra:

Yәṯqadaš šәmaḵ.
Teṯe malḵuṯaḵ.
Tehәwe ra ˁuṯaḵ.
Pitṯan dә-soraḵ Hav lan yomәden.
wa-Švuq Ian hovenan.
Heḵ ‘әnan šәvaqin lә-haivenan.
wә-La ta ˁel lan lә-nisyon.

I made out the last word, Amen. It must be a prayer. But which one? And in which language was it said? Then they repeated their words:

Yәṯqadaš šәmaḵ.
Teṯe malḵuṯaḵ.
Tehәwe ra ˁuṯaḵ.
Pitṯan dә-soraḵ Hav lan yomәden.
wa-Švuq Ian hovenan.
Heḵ ‘әnan šәvaqin lә-haivenan.
wә-La ta ˁel lan lә-nisyon.

As I approached, I saw a semicircular gathering around a central person and suddenly recognized the Christ and his Apostles. Somehow I knew that I was with the Holy Spirit and it was succeeding in temporarily protecting me from the evils of this place. The evils of what I could only conclude was the pit of Hell itself. The murmuring was coming from the Apostles and the words seemed to morph into English as I entered the semicircle. They became clear and I instantly knew the words to be a version of the Lord’s Prayer which the Apostles said repeatedly in intersession:

May thy name be holy.
May thy kingdom come.
May thy will be done.
Give us today our needed bread.
And forgive us our debts / sins.
As we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation.

As I approached the Christ, the Apostles closed into a prayer circle around me. I now understood the foreign tongue. Aramaic, the Christ concluded in my head. The Apostles continued to say the prayer over and over until the darkness retreated and the cracks in the ground disappeared. The hands stopped coming up out of the earth, ceasing to ensnare me and the others as the strength of the circle grew. Now, in their full confidence, I took the assembled group in.

Jesus had a full beard and dressed in clean white linens. There were blood smears along the arm cuffs where he had evidently wiped his bloody palms. He still wore the Crown of Thorns upon his head, and there were rivulets of blood running down his face from the puncture wounds. There were crucifix nail holes in his feet that had not yet healed, and a close examination of his palms revealed jagged and bloody wounds. It would seem that I was the first to see the Christ in all his glory since being taken down from the Cross at Calvary by Joseph of Arimathea and before being entombed and ultimately raised from the dead.

The Apostles, all twelve of them, were there: Peter the Rock, Andrew the First-Called, James the Just, John, Philip of Galilee, Thaddeus, Bartholomew, Thomas the Doubter, James the Less, Matthew, Simon the Canaanite, and Judas Iscariot. They had hastily arranged themselves in a semicircle around the Christ and were bowed in prayer. The circle grew more and more peaceful every time they would recite the Lord’s Prayer. Thus the intercession continued with the Apostles, praying in what passed as English now. Then Jesus raised his hands and the prayer stopped. The circle had been closed and would hold for the time being, and at last Jesus looked at me and smiled.

“Jarred, do not panic, we, the Apostles and I, are the ones giving you the visions. We are the ones who woke you up to face your rightful place in the lives of your genuine family. Your foes put you to spiritual slumber as a child after the death of your rightful parents, and the Reignyards adopted you. This changed the course of your life forever and also, through you, changed the timeline of the entire planet. We, the spiritually imbued through various religions, have been fighting to maintain rule over the Earth and the Heavens since they put you to sleep.

It may not be clear, but you are not living your rightful life. You are living in what I call a circular loop within your life, a separate path with separate parameters lived parallel to your linear timeline. If we win freedom back this loop your half-brother and his friends will allow the entire world to respawn from when you were a child. When this life ends, you will restart as a small child of the age of five with your rightful family. They will not get killed and you will not live in foster care.

We tried to change your life back to what you would have wanted, to no avail. You have been setup by individuals who worked through you and got you caught up in a deadly game that seems set in stone now. There have been many loops through your life with various parameters played out. You have had to do things you hadn’t agreed with, but faked it most of the time. Now we find you in this loop becoming a major player in the underworld. I know you wanted different; To be an engineer. I know that because I’m your son… I know that because we, the many faiths of the world, have been leading this loopy system of getting it all done through you for years now. This time we have woken you up and you are to join the one percent.

You’re mixed up inside… Brain scrambled… Your immediate family has tortured you into doing things for your father, not God your father in heaven, but your earthly father. Your half-brother deceived your parents and then became like your father to you. Your parents, put to spiritual slumber, thought they could have it all, all the power, all the knowledge, everything inside of you that was to be at their disposal, but your brother stole the show. It will take some time and some doing, but we will sort it out through you.

Your half-brother tricked your parents and has put you to spiritual slumber and then controls you through treachery. Your half-brother abducted your mother several times and abused her through loops just like you had done to you while your father was away up in the Northern Territories. She only has partial memories of these loops and writes them off as nightmares. Both parents figured that the brother had cleaned up enough to let him care for you as a babysitter, but by then he had learned magic and it was a loss.

He learned to loop through time and tortured you two continuously while you slept. She really had no choice but to give in and never should have remembered what she agreed to do. You may feel like the true Devil, because of the evil enactions, but your half brother is the Devil Incarnate. Just remember we, the forces of good, the combined faiths of planet Earth, have planned to rid the Earth of the evil for a long time. Now is our one and only chance, so don’t blow it for us. Your brother has a son and his son has a friend.

He has caused a chain of disruptions to our daily lives that led up to the loops you’ve lived. We meant the loops to correct things for the people who have been losing out on life like the fallen, yourself, and others who suddenly find life full of lemons. There are many people dedicated to helping this loop succeed, but without you we may not get all that we wanted. You must play your half-brother’s game this time. You are to join the underworld and rule with a fist of iron. You’ve had many families in other loops and you will have one more. As a reward for doing well this loop, you will meet the woman of your dreams and sweep her off her feet.

We will remember you for them this time. No more looping. You shall have three children with the one woman, two adopted and one a child of yourselves. The rewards get better and you will choose what you will do for a living, but before you live that lifetime you must help us fix things. You must work for the good of the entire Universe and to do so you must do hurtful things, things that our society does not condone. Along the way you will meet people you have never known, but are you inside whether they are enactions or if they are wearing disguise kits of a spiritual kind. Yes, it is possible to hide your appearance through the power of the Holy Spirit, AKA your soul.

We hesitated to awaken you spiritually because we were certain you would be nothing but pissed off. You have been sexually, physically, and mentally abused in some of these loops by the evils of the Earth and in Heaven. Now that you have awoken and are under somewhat of your own influence, we will let you in on the rest of the loops. You have a lot of free will that you earned through doing things for several people in several loops. What you saw in the first vision was what your life will become this time, but it will not be what we, the inhabitants of Earth, will remember you for. You will start out by meeting additional people, who are the old acquaintances in your life, who will help shape you into what you need to be for the future.

As time progresses, you will come to be a member of the King’s Horseman and rise in potential within their organization. You will grow to be the International President and help to change many lives back to what they should have always been… Or at least close enough that most people on the Earth feel vindicated and want to go on with what their lives have shaped up to be. If you refuse to cooperate, we will put you back to sleep and do it anyway, but we are sure since you’re still awake that you will help us through your own free will and provide us with as much freedom from the evils of life along the way.” said Jesus.

Jesus again spoke, “The vision was the creation of our Universe, including the Milky Way Galaxy, the Sol system, and Earth up to where humans spread around the globe. The whole Universe… All of it… Is in you. You, as God, contain all the matter, all the energies, the future, the past, and the present inside you. You are an enactment, just like the rest of us, but the difference is this reality is your enactment and as a child you shared it with all of creation. We have created all that has been, all that we have, and all to come through you.

All the natural processes… The orbiting worlds… The spinning galaxies… Stars going Super Nova and becoming White Dwarfs or Black Hole singularities. All of it amounts to processes patterned through you that will forever exist as naturally occurring phenomena. We have filled the infinite space of the Universe with many galaxies bestowed to many creatures for deeds done in service of humans. Look at some famous Nebulae out there… The Cat’s Eye… Odin’s Eye… The Helix or Eye of God… All given to creatures for valiantly loosing eyeballs. We have given other Nebulae as awards, some Nebulae are so great that they cook a whole Galaxy up in them. A newly minted God starting out with a galaxy is not unheard of, but for lesser deeds there is the system given to an individual. Most of the religions of Earth reward differently, but still expecting self-sacrifice to be a key part.

The religions created through you, ancient and new, are all omnipresent and you provide the essence for their blessings and curses. Your story is rich and glorious in this religion, Christianity, and I am to be your right hand as foretold in the Bible. I am your son and I am to inherit this world when you move on to the heavens above us. Your parents have given your life a birth and given life to us through you. You have enacted many people through yourself… 144,000 is what the book of Revelations claims. Now that’s many people and they all get to be you for their first life… Within you they will live.

That includes the likes of Noah, Isaiah, Job, Adam, the Apostles, and Joseph. We have enacted many foreign Gods through you to many other religions. Some you may know, others you may have never heard of. Some are notable: Allah, Yahweh, Elohim, Ahura Mazda, Akal Purakh, Buddha, Odin, and Zeus. Don’t think the faiths they represent are any less than Christianity just because they are dusty or perhaps forgotten as they will be stronger up in the heavens.

We created even the famed Eve through you… She was the only female enactment you needed. The women took over from there and preformed enactments through her, the newly minted Goddess, for themselves. She was not nearly as picked on as you and your family were. The evils of life allowed her to grow up and mature normally while you spiritually slumbered so long as she agreed to be with them for loops.

We wanted you to see how glorious the creation has become and could not think of a better way to introduce it to you. We made the vision scientific as the modern people think… Science has come a long way since my time on the Cross at Cavalry. The collective of scientists on Earth has determined a lot about the world. They have revealed the scheme of the natural world through a human understanding of the Scientific Process and how to use it to investigate natural phenomena.

Think of all the accomplishments in a brief time such as the last one hundred years: Muscle Cars from horse-drawn carriages, Stealth Fighters from the Wright brothers’ Wright Flyer, the International Space Station from Sputnik, and so on. We have discovered Nuclear Fuel and learned to operate those types of power stations safely with a handful of disasters… Not all that bad or unrecoverable from. Science may one day be able to explain the spirit to us… To understand just what makes a soul… To understand the power available through the Holy Spirit.

Your spiritual powers are impressive and with proper guidance they can help all the universe. Think before you act and consult others with your doings… You are stronger than you know. You can affect the future of many places… Distant galaxies… Distant cultures. And yes, there is other life besides human in this galaxy… Think Star Trek… Think Star Wars… Our combined future. Humanity is still in its infancy. We are not even the most developed of the galaxies, some are far ahead of us… Way far. We cannot comprehend them and their abilities.

Some people have come and gone, and left no trace but the light that trickles in through our observatories, or the radio waves that collect at radio telescope sites. Just think of your modern day physics and astronomy, as primitive as it may be to other worlds. Like I said, in your time we have gone from horse wagons to gasoline-powered cars to nuclear fuel powered submarines, just imagine the future we will have once humans have left this world and venture into space.”

Jesus was smiling and beckoned me to follow. I followed, wondering what he had in store for me. He seemed to walk on a beach, and I could see two sets of footprints in the sand before us. I noticed that we were not leaving a trace of our own passing. We eventually came to a spot where there was only one set of prints. He pointed to the spot and talked.

“This is where I tried to help carry you through… To no avail. Your sorrow and grief took over and you saw vengeance as the only path to follow. I did not abandon you. I was always carrying you through your turmoil, trying to help you through the crisis. There will be a major let down by the local police that I could not get you over… You will shoot three people.”

“Dear Lord, what for? I thought the police could help me… They will, right?”

Jesus frowned and continued, “They could not collect enough evidence to catch the culprits. They are the slipperiest of eels and keep slipping out of the nets meant to catch them. Even the best of fishermen could not have caught them. They have the act down pat and would have gotten away with the crime if it were not for you… You did as you should… You tried the right path and it failed. The police failed you and your family. Come, let’s go see them, they are planning a robbery.

Jesus beckoned, and I followed him and John. We were suddenly on Arlington St in Winnipeg. I walked along thinking it must be real, as Jesus was as real to me as the sidewalk we were on. He stopped in front of a garage door as it opened. I saw three individuals inside. One was tall and lanky, with long greasy hair, and was sitting in a chair with a beer. The other two were also sitting in chairs, but were not as tall as the one who seemed to stand out. One was short and stocky and the other was of medium build. They also had beers. Brother John raised his head and waved his hand. A scroll appeared in his left hand and he broke the seal to a thundering trumpet. He unrolled it and knowingly read its contents.

“Jarred Reignyard, you will undergo a trial of life that will come to pass. We will leave you little choice but to kill three people who have martyred your parents. They won’t get arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to life sentences, so you will retaliate where the law has failed. The three of them left little choice for this action, as they would have kept killing and altering the fate of the Universe if their evil would have outdone us. They were no wolves in sheep’s clothing… They were demons intent on harming our correct path and were trying to undo the Second Coming. It was long ago started when your half brother tried to kill you and when that failed he killed your parents to get rid of you rather permanently. Until today, they had thought they had succeeded. But we have woken you up to start the chain of events that will set the world back on the path of truth and justice.

They were trying to become members of the group we wish you to associate with, the King’s Horsemen. They had failed to get the Horsemen’s interest as they were wrong for the organization and left out in the cold and at my discretion. I allowed the retaliation to stop them as several scenarios had presented themselves including incarceration, but they proved to smart to get caught at several twists and snares that I have laid for their undoing. Several times where they questioned by police in their crime sprees and always let go, your parents were the last straw and it definitely broke the camel’s back. They needed to face justice because they were running rampant in our society. They had terrorized several wonderful families and put quite a few people out of commission that should have meant something to our society… To our religion.

We are here to offer you a chance to redeem your parents. To redeem all the fallen who sit at the throne lamenting… Wanting vengeance in His name. All you must do is listen to the right people when the time is right. Get to know your ex-brother-in-law, Ernst. He will lead you to the King’s Horseman and they will lead you to salvation through your duly noted efforts as their leader for a time. Then it is up to you as to your course of action… You will have a pregnant girlfriend and she will want you to leave the club… Leave the life behind.”

The garage door suddenly closed and the vision disappeared. I was standing in the ditch wondering what happened… How did I get here? One minute I was pissing and then the next I’m in the ditch out of the trees I was in. I checked my watch. It was Five Thirty AM… I had lost a half hour. What could have happened? In terror I ran for the Bronco and slipped going up the embankment, thinking aliens or something took me. I had no memories of the last half hour… None at all besides what couldn’t have happened. I righted myself and started for the Bronco again. I reached my vehicle and opened the door, still thinking aliens had taken me… Maybe it was them giving me the strange visions.

Maybe it was all bullshit, just false visions to cover my kidnapping. I started the truck and peeled off the shoulder back on to the road, thinking I had to get going. Then the ghostly apparitions appeared on the spot I had just left. My pulse raced and my eyes narrowed as I looked in the rear-view mirror. Three spirits were standing there, one with his head blown apart, one with bullet holes in his chest and the third with a gaping wound where his stomach had been. I looked to the road ahead of me, shook my head clear, then looked back to the rear-view mirror. There was nothing there.

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