Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journals are best used to motivate and bring a sense of positivity to life. This type of journal helps cultivate appreciation for yourself by raising self-esteem. They are a great way to handle mental illnesses like depression.

They are good for people with depression by helping to focus on what’s positive in life and keeping your mind off of your problems. They help reduce stress and anxiety by showing you that even when you fail, you have something to be grateful for. When you are grateful, you are a better partner in life.

You will build empathy for a stronger partnership, as you will become cognizant of mood swings in your partner and be better able to support their mood changes. The more you recognize your mood swings, the stabler your relationships will be with other people.

This always makes a good writing prompt if you find trouble getting words out because it isn’t that hard to find one or two things that make you smile. Try for as many as you can, but aim for a minimum of three.

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