Travel Journal

Like traveling and want something to keep? This type of journal is for you as you can keep a running record of where you’ve been, have a separate journal for every trip and can include anything you want to remember. You can include plane tickets, packing lists, important phone numbers and addresses of places to visit, or places you’ve stayed.

A fun and creative way of preserving memories from a journey and how the places you visited affected your life. Detail emotions, feelings, and how the trip is engaging your senses. With this approach it becomes more than a record of what you saw, what you did, and where you stayed.

Another idea is to include a dictionary for keeping track of words and simple phrases. You may find it a quick way to communicate when you are out and about in a foreign country. Here is a list of examples of commonly needed phrases:

  • Hello
  • Goodbye
  • Thank You
  • Where is the bathroom?

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