Wish Journal

Your life is not going up to expectations? Think things could be better? Try this type of journal to focus on what you want and perhaps live the dream life today. You can set achievable goals and bit by bit come to a plan to make them happen, not just dream them.

You should write as if your goals are already being met and not use ‘ifs’ in your writing. Write your statements like you would use affirmations. Be positive and accept that not all things are achievable, but with compromise you can do a lot of what you want.

A wish journal can help you understand goals and help bring them to reality. You can build up to your primary goal and learn to set smaller, more achievable goals along the way. For example:

  1. I have a new car in my driveway.
    1. I found the means by taking on an extra part-time job on weekends selling used cars.
    2. Through employee incentives, I lowered the cost of my new car by 10%.
    3. I used the money saved from the incentives to pay for the car insurance and my driver’s license for the first year.

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