The English word Consonance comes from the Latin word consonantem, which means ‘agreeing in sound’. It is a literary technique that uses the repetition of consonants in neighbouring words with different vowel sounds.

The repetition can occur anywhere within the word – beginning, middle, or end, and in stressed or unstressed syllables. The sound does not have to appear in successive words as long as the words are close enough to pick up on the effect. Consonance is more about repeating the same consonant sound, not about repeating the same letters in groups of words.

We employ Consonance to reiterate the significance of an idea or theme, and to make the structure of the poem appealing to the reader. It creates a musical quality for a group of words, making them more memorable and more studied. Through this lyrical feel, you can alter the reader’s emotional state, creating sadness and joy. When used correctly you can also create feelings of mystery, solemness, sleepiness, or intimacy.

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