Day Five

Portage La Prairie, Calgary

Nothing to Something and Back

Through time I found a job at 7-11, working a till. I had regular shifts and seemed to hold in at it this time. The voices were still present and had my head screwed up. I couldn’t sleep in the bedroom often but managed to sleep often. I investigated the demons that haunted me. I believe that The Devil, Beelzebub and Molech joined in an unholy trinity and are trying to break me and prevent the Second Coming from coming into being. I believed that it was my job to stop them and had no support or way of knowing who they really were.

I knew that Molech as usual is out for the kids. He says that if you sacrifice your children in his name, he will provide you with riches untold and I feel that Molech has molested me through my mother. I discovered that the Devil, Molech and Beelzebub all use buggery to dominate men and women and have some form of mind control over them. This type of control lasts through reincarnation and they can seize people in future lives when they are least likely to expect it. That makes them dangerous and unstoppable seeming. I eventually had enough of being pushed around by their forces on earth and in Portage La Prairie and quit yet another job.

I had just quit my job at 7-11 in Portage La Prairie when one day out of the blue I got the call of a lifetime from a former employee of Manitoba Hydro who had gone out to Calgary and was working for ENMAX. I wound up as a contractor for ENMAX of Calgary in 2008, where I worked for about six months. I tried my hand at Electrical Engineering at the University of Manitoba and left employment well rested after the break I got in Calgary. I failed miserably and had another nervous breakdown while in school.

The voices would not stop. Beelzebub bothered me continually and I could not rest or study, so I quit university pretty quickly and didn’t last much past midterms. I phoned a contact in the company and asked for my old job back as a contractor. They promised that there may be hope of more if I came back, so I ended up back at ENMAX as a contractor again. By Christmas that year they had laid me off, like all other contractors and ventured home for the holidays. After the break they hired me on full time as a Power Systems Electrician through the Red Seal on my ticket I had earned while at Manitoba Hydro. Again, I thought I was King of the World. I lived in a pleasant neighborhood and had intentions to buy the condo I lived in, but then the worst happened again.

It wasn’t mental illness at first, just pride for my heritage as an Aboriginal. I went to work one day and one apprentice had an incident with a Native man in a wheelchair. He said the Native had thrown a beer at him and he wanted the cops called. When the cops arrived they took the Lead Hand’s and the apprentice’s statements. I went to the electrical vault to clean up the mess. There was none.

I found a beer sixteen feet down the hole, but there was no spray on the walls, no pool of beer on the floor and no foaming of the beer still in the can. The fall had not dented it at all. There was no way that the Native had thrown/dropped the beer. I told the apprentice the next morning that I would wipe the smirk off of his face and ENMAX management placed me on leave while I underwent psychological and drug testing. I apparently passed the psychological testing, but the company refused to let me back to work until the THC in my system was down to 0 Ng/ml delta-9 in my urine, and they didn’t even have a drug policy.

While off work I stopped talking to my parents and refused to answer the phone. So, they showed up at the door one day and claimed they had traveled there overnight to check up on me. Then the voices came back. The Devil had finally found me and had Beelzebub as backup. Other forces new to me allied against me and drove me nuts yet again. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat. So, I quit after one day back at ENMAX on regular duties.

They placed me on a crew doing switching in the Network and there was an incident. A stuck contact drew a four-foot arc though a protector and scared the fuck out of me. I thought if I stayed, I would die there, in the underground network of downtown Calgary. I would never see the sun again and that would be that. Maybe a fitting end, but no, I wouldn’t have any of that.

Published by Robert LT Jonasson

I have one novel being edited, 5 more flushed out, 56 short stories, and 530 poems. Please take the time to explore and get to know me through my writing.

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