Day Four


No More Journeyman Status

Anyway, that was the end of my time at Manitoba Hydro and the end of me smoking marijuana because I couldn’t afford it. What a letdown, I had grown to love that job and it payed the bills. I didn’t know what to do, but knew I needed a job fast if I would survive. I looked at the wanted ads and both the Winnipeg Free Press and the Winnipeg Sun were hiring journeyman power electricians. I knew I shouldn’t apply for either job as there was an ominous feeling pervading the city.

I feel like I had a spiritual awakening and realized that I had been in a spiritual slumber for the last forty years. The new age Apostles awakened me and told that the Second Coming was upon us and I was God to the world. I didn’t know what had happened, but I had the firm belief that someone had sexually abused me as a child and that the Devil had control over me. Then the hallucinations started. I felt abdominal cramps way up in my stomach, like someone had shoved something up my ass and further into my intestines. I saw my mother above me as an infant holding a wooden spoon taken over by the Devil and blacked out. She had no control of herself, and Molech and Beelzebub took a turn each, trying to kill me. They impaled me deep in my guts, but by some miracle I lived through it.

They fucked me up beyond all repair, but I needed a job, so I cut grass for a grass care company. It turns out that I was highly allergic to the dust and stuff kicked up by the mowers and couldn’t keep up to the herd. I could only help cut 6-8 lawns in a day, whereas the average was 12 for a pair with two mowers. I soon found myself out of a job again with no prospect of work found.

Too messed up for employment, I eventually moved out to Bowes Trailer Court where my elderly Great Aunt had a trailer of her own. She lived in the United States and I could have it for myself for however long I needed. I packed up all my stuff and headed out the door, subletting my apartment. I couldn’t pay rent but my parents picked up the slack for a while letting me unwind. Eventually I got a job at a machine shop that made farm equipment parts as a CNC machine operator trainee. I thought I had made it again, but then the voices started again and Beelzebub played tricks on me and threatened the other employees so I up and quit the company after two shifts.

This was when I encountered a new demon, Molech. He is the sick sexual pervert who demands child sacrifice for monetary gain. He allied with the Devil and Beelzebub to take me down a notch or two. I still did not understand what I could have done to deserve this fate, but I prayed and forgot. I forgot what the Apostles had told me, that I was God. I’m not sure of their power over me, but they put me back into a spiritual slumber and I had no recollections of them or of the god-damned Christ.

I’m sure the three demons were with me and had control above me. Not complete but enough that they could work through me to use my powers to sway others and affect their destinies. I suspected that they mixed the Devil up in directing sporting events and was trying to pick who won and who lost major sporting events, who could continue to play sports, and how well they would do at the sport of their choice. What happened to the teams and individual athletes depended on how far they gave in to his will. It was a trying time, but I refused to move on this time. I had nowhere else to turn.

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I have one novel being edited, 5 more flushed out, 56 short stories, and 530 poems. Please take the time to explore and get to know me through my writing.

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