The Creature Comforts

Think home. Think of things that make you figure life is convenient and filled with the lush comfort of modernization. What do you think the number one top device/piece of furniture/tech breakthrough/etc is the best from all of earth’s societies?

For me this is the mattress… And mine I have missed for 1.5 months now. I have slept elsewhere since leaving home. Get the right mattress and get the right sleep seems to be the best way to summarize this directly proportional function of time.

Yesterday, as I lay in the park, my friend Ken came up the street with a rubber bottomed mattress. Like the hat, I wonder the duration for which it will be mine, but I lugged it up the street to our hideout anyway. I thought it would be convenient to sleep on.

As I got near the place I sleep, a man and a woman offered help. I accepted and the last 10 feet were as readily done as the first 10. I thanked them and disappeared into the woods as we neared. From there I hauled it up and down the rough, crude, rises and falls of the trail. When I got to where I sometimes sleep, I found a spot and dropped it.

I slept there last night and woke wonderfully rested. I stretched and rose ready to get stuff done after sleeping in. My back thanked me immensely for the solid off-the-ground rest it received and the rest of me was appreciative of the extra support.

Published by Robert LT Jonasson

I have one novel being edited, 5 more flushed out, 56 short stories, and 530 poems. Please take the time to explore and get to know me through my writing.

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