These projects represent various works of fiction I would like to publish as time goes on. There is no one genre that I’m interested in writing and these novels range from crime fiction to horror.

Wheels of Freedom

This series will run nine books and is based upon the central character Jarred Reignyard and primarily set in Winnipeg. He is a student in the United States who’s family is murdered during Thanksgiving weekend leaving Jarred to get revenge after police fail to arrest the murderers.

After killing in revenge he decides there is little hope in returning to school and helps start a new gang called the Dead Indians to deal drugs. Eventually the group gains enough notoriety and garners attention from the King’s Horsemen, a one percent bike club. Jarred and his friends are asked to join the club and they agree to prospect.

Jarred quickly climbs the ranks of the King’s Horsemen to become International President all while dodging the bullet for the three murders that set him onto this new path in life. By the end of the series he is caught, convicted, jailed, and freed for his revenge killings.

Book One: Jarred’s Revenge

Death Notes

This book chronicles the exploits of life partners Death and Life-in-Death as they scour the globe in search of adventure and fresh souls.

Rise of the Caliphate

Think role reversal… Think Islamic State total domination of North America. We went… We fought… They came… They conquered.

The Doctors

This book is about the struggles of mental patients at the Manitoba Developmental Center in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. A rogue doctor has done experiments on a select few patients figuring the odd one that didn’t make it wouldn’t be missed, but a novelist from Calgary has caught on and has investigated. Figuring there was no other way to get the truth out there, Peter Lipton, wrote a book of fiction about the events. He gets caught up in many troubles and even ends up committed to the institution he tries to help at the hands of the dastardly doctor he is seeking to out.

Oh, Canada

This novel is about a war in Canada where the Natives rebel and call themselves Inajis. They think the Country has stiffed them for too long already and are after their rights.

The Great Beyond

A modern take on Frankenstein. A monster is born when a man is drugged at a party and comes back to life without certain organs. The sometimes funny, yet chilling book details how he stalks each of the perpetrators to regain his missing organs as he slowly puts himself back together.

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